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TRANSHUMANISM – Ioanna Anousaki & Sergio Mel

Transhumanism is a philosophical movement of scientists who advocate improving the human condition. What would happen if humans became smarter, stronger and healthier? What form would this improved “us” take? How will “transhumanism” take the human species to the next level? TRANSHUMANISM explores the possibilities of a futuristic world, inviting the audience to enter an imaginary environment populated by extraordinarily shaped “enhanced” human creatures.


Project leaders/Choreography: Ioanna Anousaki & Sergio Mel ⎪Danced by Ioanna Anousaki, Sergio Mel & Maher Abdul Moaty⎪ Music by Damiano Muno ⎪Mentoring by Itzik Galili Natalia Kaliada&Nicolai Khalezin⎪ Belarus Free Theatre⎪Artist companion: Simone Mousset⎪Lights assistance Itzik Galili & Gilles Kiefer⎪ Photo :Bohumil Kostohryz


The winners of the 10th edition of the 2024 national competition organized by CND – Confédération Nationale de la Danse Luxembourg

Every year, the CND Luxembourg organizes a national competition for non-professional dancers. The 10th edition of the competition took place on March 30, 2024 at the Escher Theater. On July 3, we’ll have the pleasure of discovering the personal variations of the 2024 winners in contemporary dance. TROIS C-L and CND Luxembourg join forces to promote, support and develop the dissemination and practice of dance among young people.

competition winners: Ilenia Defendi, Jill Neefs, Lev Babych, Magaly Schartz ⎪ photo : Sudreportage


MURMURES – Giovanni Zazzera

Through this project, choreographer Giovanni Zazzera explores, through a corporeal and sensory journey, the altered states of consciousness between memory and movement.

Drawn from residency research exploring movement in a state of hypnosis, MURMURES aims to capture the essence of this experience, evoking the dancers’ letting go, the depth of the experience and the freedom of bodily expression that ensues, in a journey through a visual and sound installation space.

‘Our recent choreographic explorations of movement in a trance state have revealed that this altered state of consciousness encourages the awakening of an active subconscious, prompting a more spontaneous surrender. This condition facilitated our understanding and ability to express the sensation of total freedom and absolute release that can be achieved through dance. In so doing, we were able to maintain the essence of a personal metamorphosis and a profound quest for the unconscious and the present moment’.

SOUS HYPNOSE – teaser from Giovanni Zazzera on Vimeo.

Giovanni Zazzera – Conception/Choreography / Thierry Raymond – Artistic accompaniment / Noa Nies & Serge Daniel Kabore – Dance / Jonathan Christoph – Visual conception / Piérrick grobéty – Sound conception / Enrico Abitelli – Hypnosis advice/accompaniment / Léa Wiplier – Production manager / Z ART asbl – Production / SUPPORT & SUPPORT: Ministère de la Culture du Luxembourg, Trois C-L , Maison pour la Danse / THANKS: Ecole de danse Danse Elance