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© Davide Picci

MANY Mes – Rocio Dominguez

MANY Mes explores the constant search for the culmination of a rite of passage. The play deals with the death of a sister, the wounds left by a violent love affair and the disappearance of a home. Rocío Dominguez delves into the ideas of mourning and uprooting, and explores a suspended space-time.

Choreographer and Performer: Rocio Dominguez⎪Visuals (hologram effects and mapping): Ross Ryder⎪Sound Design: Ingrid Bocek⎪Producer: Greta Bourke⎪Current Supports: Tipperary Dance, Trois-CL⎪Past Supports: TenerifeLAV, Arts Council of Ireland, Dance Ireland

Crash test dummies – Chara Kotsali

Chara Kotsali‘s crash test dummies attempt to create a relative to the absence of stable ground and horizon, to a permanent repetition of the crash that cannot take place. The performance of stuntmen, dummies and crash test dummies will embody the supersonic speeds of a culture racing towards its doom.


The Chain – Léa Tirabasso

Performed by the Junior Company of the CND – Confédération nationale de danse Luxembourg, Léa Tirabasso‘s The Chain explores the journey we must take and the stratagems we must put in place together to realize our buried dreams and desires: strass, glitter and happiness. Spiced with unwavering support and difficulties to overcome, this piece is like a quest to which we are stubbornly attached.

Dancers: Alissia Parracho, Emily Massaro, Emily Karmolinski, Eva Vispi, Hannah Codreanu, Lev Babych ⎪ choreography: Léa Tirabasso⎪Photo: Pedro Barbosa, Davide Picci