Mandatory reservation

Pleat – Mass – Lines is a journey between sign, symbol and myth through dance, images and gestures. A veritable “theatre of images” orchestrated by Marie Gourdain, this piece is at the intersection of neo-classical painting, in gesture and pose, and geometric abstraction. The exploration between the scenographic object and the body allows the deployment of different levels of expressivity and performativity between the body, the object and the pictorial image.

Alice and Adrien Martins will take us into their world. Between drama and joy, everyday life and fantasy, an expression of the imaginary emerges through singular gestures that echo their surroundings. A common space shaped by artifice, where mutant bodies unfold and free themselves.

Following this stopover, LUCODA will present a new travelling companion during the evening. Where does he come from? Nobody knows… Who is he? A visitor from elsewhere, a survivalist who has been underground for too long, nobody and everybody at the same time… What does he do? Hard to say, he wanders aimlessly in a desert of nothingness and overflow. He makes his way between our dreams and our accomplishments disappointed by time but also between our hopes and our resilience.