February 2024

Friday , February 23

Il n'y a pas d'évènement ce mois-ci

3 DU TROIS AVRIL | Special Edition

© Daniel Dömölky


In order to guarantee your safety, we are obliged to welcome you with a mask which you must keep on during the whole performance.

At your next appointment with the dance :
Vibrate to the beat with BEAT, I just wish to feel you by Collective Dope – Jenna Jalonen, an Aerowaves Twenty20 labelled piece and experience imaginary realities around beliefs with CREDERE, a research by Giovanni Zazzera. TENDER ABSENCE, a collection of six short films by Isaiah Wilson, will round off your evening.

BEAT, I JUST WISH TO FEEL YOU- Collective Dope – Jenna Jalonen

> Aerowaves Twenty20 labelled piece

Everything comes to life through waves of energy. These vibrations create the rhythms that drive us and make our hearts beat. We share the same rhythm, the same impulse, we are connected by movement and by touch. But what happens when that “beat” disappears?

Meet Jenna and Jonas. They live in the accelerated world of social media with the ability to communicate instantly via messaging and swiping from left to right. These forms of communication make us feel deeply connected to others, while we miss the encounters, the handshakes, the hugs and the movements that express our instinctive feelings and physical reactions.

A contemporary dancer and a breakdancer. Both physically trained to master techniques and control their bodies. Together they decode the skilled and disciplined body into a new way of moving to create new associations. The active and the passive. The manipulator and the manipulated. “The living body and the dead body.

Sound artist Adrian Newgent joins them on stage, composing, live, a soundscape in dialogue with the dancers. The result is a duet about human relationships, incredibly physical, raw, yet intimate and moving.

Creators, dancers: Jenna Jalonen, Jonas Garrido Verwerft | Live music: Adrian Newgent | Lighting: Miklós Mervel | Production assistants: Janka Vámos, Jeroen Lissens | Tour manager:György Ujvári-Pintér | Production: Straatrijk | Co-production : Collective Dope, Workshop Foundation | Supports : STUK House for Dance, Image & Sound, Life Long Burning, Ultima Vez, Stad Leuven, SÍN Arts Centre, Eva Duda Dance Company / Movein Studio, Cirk la Putyika / Jatka78, EMMI, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts | Design and direction :Jenna Jalonen

CREDERE – Giovanni Zazzera

> Artistic residency release

“There is much worse than only believing what you see, it is only seeing what you believe!”

CREDERE is a new creation project based on the exploration of human states of belief, which guide the convictions of each person and give rise to fictions from our imaginary realities.

From this proposal, it is a question of exploring swirling states from the vertigo of doubt to total convictions, which through these bodies, contaminate and propagate themselves to make the invisible visible.

Choreographer of body and movement, Giovanni Zazzera (IT/LU) trained at the Conservatoire du Luxembourg and obtained his Higher Diploma. He continued his training in Brazil and deepened his experiences abroad where he was asked to work for various companies. Since 2010 he has been performing regularly on stage, working for various projects and companies and in 2013 he was awarded the Prix de Danse du Luxembourg for his multiple engagements. Active as a choreographer, he has been creating his own pieces for several years, such as Until you fall, Flowers grow even in the sand or Quand le silence parle. Through his company Z Art, Giovanni works on new projects such as CREDERE, Choreochroma and Out of Range, new creations anchored by close collaborations and new artistic encounters. In his work, Giovanni Zazzera puts the language of the body into a narrative, drawing the space that surrounds him to reinvent choreographic landscapes from the imagination.

Choreography: Giovanni Zazzera in collaboration with the dancers | Dancers / performers: Enora Gemin, Alexandre Lipaux, Stefane Meseguer Alves | Photos : Laurent Schneider & Bohumil Kostohryz | Production : Compagnie Z Art (Z Art asbl) | Co-production : La barcarolle EPCC – Centre Culturel Balavoine | With the collaboration of Delphine Bardot and Pierrick Grobéty | Support : TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Koplabunz asbl, Centre Culturel Régional Aalt Stadhaus Differdange

TENDER ABSENCE – Isaiah Wilson

> Exhibition

This work is a collection of six short independent videos. Each piece reflects a different state that the artist experienced in isolation at the start of the pandemic. Using a single camera and the artist as subject, Isaiah Wilson wanted to capture the loneliness and longing for touch that he experienced. He played with intimacy by enhancing his body through selective framing, and also partly created the soundscapes and themes to set the tone for each short film. Using the full potential of dance, cinematography and sound allowed him to build a coherent world in which he could articulate his story more precisely.

Warning – The content of some videos may offend the sensibilities of the viewer

Isaiah Wilson is an interdisciplinary artist from Luxembourg. He studied visual arts at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers (LU) and continued his studies at the University of Performing Arts in Codarts Rotterdam (NL) where he developed his skills as a dancer. As part of this programme he completed an internship at ICK Amsterdam. He currently works as an art director and director of photography in a multimedia company, while freelancing as a dancer and choreographer. Isaiah’s work focuses on the ever-changing aspects of the natural world. He is fascinated by the perfect imperfection of nature and the sense of harmony and detachment from the material world that it can offer. He looks closely at survival instincts, cruelty and complexity while remaining true to simplicity. Isaiah is constantly searching for sincere ways to share his inner world, in order to achieve a sense of universal connection.

With the financial support of: Ministry of Culture, City of Luxembourg