3 DU TROIS DECEMBER | Les Nouveaux.elles Créateur.rice.s

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© Bohumil Kostohryz

After Les Émergences, the TROIS C-L proposes a new program of support for aspiring choreographers who have already created one or two choreographic works.

Les Nouveaux.elles Créateurs.rice.s aims to encourage the creation and development of the local Luxembourg choreographic scene with the presentation of the works of the selected choreographers, Rhiannon Morgan and William Cardoso, during three exclusive evenings at the Banannefabrik. A true launching pad, this new program intends to bring to the forefront young artists whose artistic proposals deserve the full attention of the public, as well as that of professionals in the sector!
Through this type of initiative, artists will gain confidence, assurance and maturity, while proposing a quality choreographic work, ready to shine on a national and international level. With this project, the TROIS C-L wishes to fully fulfill the missions entrusted to it by supporting the independent choreographic scene, accompanying artists, raising awareness of contemporary dance and promoting the national cultural heritage.

!! We regret to inform you that the performances on Sunday 5 December at 4pm have to be cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience and remain at your disposal for any information request at danse@danse.lu. !!


> Premiere

Clementine. Two individuals searching for each other, trying to find each other but only managing to lose each other further. Questioning the evolution of our perception of romantic stories and the influence of the image we construct in our real and virtual lives, Rhiannon Morgan explores what remains unchanging: our need to connect, to share, to be loved and valued by the other. To achieve this, the relationship and its beginnings are pushed to the extreme, taking the audience to task.

Rhiannon Morgan explores human relationships and unspeakable emotions through dance. The choreographer seeks to evoke a personal emotion in the audience through the absurd. Dance becomes a bond that unites despite differences. Rhiannon Morgan plays with movement in all its forms with the constant aim of enhancing the richness of the performing arts. She wishes to create new perspectives on reality through stories, mixing surprise, humour and wonder.

Concept & choregraphy : Rhiannon Morgan | Interpretation : Giovanni Zazzera, Rhiannon Morgan | Artistic consultant : Antoine Colla | Technical assistant : Jonathan Christoph



> Premiere

“Sometimes I feel like throwing myself against a wall to externalise the mental pain and turn it into physical pain.”
Raum is a place of encounter with our demons, our fears and our forgiveness. It is a place of confrontation and a search for inner balance in order to move forward in peace. This performance seeks to accept the darkness that sometimes dominates us, and to soften it by creating a space without judgment and fear. Raum is a space of liberation and speaking out, it is a stifled cry that we have held inside us for too long.

William Cardoso bases his artistic approach on elementary subjects such as life, culture and night. Influenced by vibrations and energies, he seeks to understand how to move the body in space by constantly changing its dynamics and quality, going beyond its physical limits. The choreographer’s work always starts from a guided improvisation to arrive at a well written structure.

Choregraphy : William Cardoso | Interpretation : Cheyenne Vallejo & William Cardoso | Sound design : Guillaume Jullien



> Photo exhibition in collaboration with the photographers Bert Van Pelt, Zheng Chi & Vega y Patiño

“After 26 years in a culture where nudity is still associated with shame and sin, I felt for the first time, upon my arrival in Europe, the freedom to undress myself and my dancers for my art.”
The GYMNOS exhibition shows photographs made in the course of the work of the Syrian-German choreographer Saeed Hani Moelle, who regularly poses as a model in front of the camera in addition to his work as a dancer and choreographer. This results in nude representations that are to be understood as a clear statement against a system of imposed modesty and visual chastity. This liberation, which is both autobiographical and universal in scope, articulated through collaboration with several international photographers, is a balance between harmony and sensuality that calls for an emancipated approach to corporality and nudity.

Photographers : Bert Van Pelt, Zheng Chi, Vega y Patiño
In collaboration with Disclosure Gallery.