3 DU TROIS | Bodies & Trials

Mary’s is a theatrical, fictional and visceral dance research that depicts a world where single-parent human reproduction comes into existence. Mary’s is inspired by parthenogenesis, a reproductive process that allows certain creatures, from honeybees to turkeys, to have births without the participation of the males of the species… Sometimes leading to their complete disappearance from the ecosystem. What would be the impact on our human societies and on the representation of our bodies if such a mode of reproduction became the norm?

With DÉ-CORRÉLATION, Aurore Gruel expresses the desire and the need to return alone to the writing of gesture through the body. In a minimal environment lit with subtlety, a refined, choreographic and sensitive language takes shape. This language explores the sound of the body dancing in silence to better reveal its musicality, and to let emerge a gesture originally inspired by and directed towards the sound. Aurore Gruel offers us a simple experience; a moment of dance, of listening and of shared return to oneself, like a present to be seized at the margin of our daily lives.

Far from the will to recreate and show a process of hearing, Auditioner.euses ? is a highlighting of the points of view, of the sensations of four young interpreters facing this exercise. It is an invitation to discover their thoughts and the events that punctuate these moments, which are ultimately unknown: exposure to looks and judgments, stress management and its embodiment in the body, the ambivalence of the relationship with others and, above all, with oneself…
What room is left for doubt, error, imperfection and the uniqueness of each individual when it comes to selling oneself?