June 2023

Thursday , June 01

Il n'y a pas d'évènement ce mois-ci

3 DU TROIS | Between Construction and Deconstruction

© Ayesha Neferibtah Jones

How do we create, find ourselves and deconstruct existing preconceptions and creative structures? Several creations will plunge us into the construction and deconstruction of universes and meanings, between creation and renewal.

PAPAYA – Jennifer Lopes Santos & melissandre varin

PAPAYA is an Afro-feminist performance led by artists and activists who investigate tenderness, intimacy and alienation of Afro-descendants. Across borders, the creation seeks to explore ways to create, nurture, heal and share the conditions of self-love beyond discrimination.
Using autobiographical narratives, the artists attempt to raise contemporary questions and issues that are important to articulate and discover.

Choregraphy : Georges Maikel Pires Monteiro | Interpretation : melissandre varin, Jennifer Lopes Santos | Music – Composer : Eric Foy | Dramaturgy : melissandre varin | Costumes : Jennifer Lopes Santos | Production : FinKapé asbl | Production manager : Léa Wiplier – Beast Production | Co-Production : Kulturfabrik Esch | Support : Kulturfabrik Esch, FrEsch asbl, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry Bienniale, Coventry UK City of Culture Trust

JCSound1 – Creative Soundscaping in Dance – Jill Crovisier

JCsound1 – Creative Soundscaping in Dance is a research project in which the choreographer Jill Crovisier takes the time to immerse herself in the creation of music specifically dedicated to contemporary dance. In a break with her previous creations, the choreographer wishes to immerse herself in the creation of a sound universe before developing a choreographic proposal. This approach will allow her to explore in a new light the creative possibilities of sound design and the relationship between music and dance.

Choregraphy – Artistic direction – Sound design : Jill Crovisier | Production : JC movement production | Support : TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Ministère de la Culture

Carnaval – Jennifer Gohier / Cie Corps In Situ

Carnaval will assemble dancers’ legs and musicians’ hands to create a zoological fantasy illustrating a colourful and dynamic imagination for young and old. Resulting from a first stage of choreographic and musical research, the extracts presented will articulate a joyful, festive and carnivalesque universe to the rhythm of the score Le carnaval des animaux by Camille Saint Saëns.

Choregraphy : Jennifer Gohier | Interpretation : Julie Barthélémy , Catarina Barbosa, Youri de Gussem | Musicians : Gilles Sornette, Louis Michel Marion, Sébastien Cuiret | Support : Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L , Cité Musicale Metz, Rotondes Luxembourg, Ville de Metz.