3 DU TROIS | Between Construction and Deconstruction

© Ayesha Neferibtah Jones

PAPAYA is an Afro-feminist performance led by artists and activists who investigate tenderness, intimacy and alienation of Afro-descendants. Across borders, the creation seeks to explore ways to create, nurture, heal and share the conditions of self-love beyond discrimination.
Using autobiographical narratives, the artists attempt to raise contemporary questions and issues that are relevant to articulate and discover.

JCsound1 – Creative Soundscaping in Dance is a research project in which choreographer Jill Crovisier takes the time to delve into the creation of music specifically for contemporary dance.  In a break with her previous creations, the choreographer wishes to immerse herself in the creation of a sound universe before developing a choreographic proposal. This approach will allow her to explore in a new light the creative possibilities of sound design and the relationship between music and dance.

Carnaval will assemble dancers’ legs and musicians’ hands to create a zoological fantasy illustrating a colourful and dynamic imagination for young and old. Resulting from a first stage of choreographic and musical research, the extracts presented will articulate a joyful, festive and carnivalesque universe to the rhythm of the score Le carnaval des animaux by Camille Saint Saëns.