3 DU TROIS JULY | The individual and his environment

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Indissociable from his fellow human beings, as well as from the environment in action in which he circulates, the individual is plural, and always in the process of becoming. He is as much a space in movement, as the distance of this space from another. He is a relationship. Inspired by the diversity of collective behaviours found in profusion in the living world, A Very Eye invites us to change our perspective, to illuminate the interstices between bodies, and to give a face to relationships. By shifting our gaze to the boundaries between bodies, the choreographic duo Tumbleweed wishes to remind us of the magnificence of community and interdependence.
Tumbleweed is hosted by the Grand Luxe Network.


South Korean choreographer Jaehee Choi will explore the relationship between environmental issues, nature and humans as well as a reflection on the use of the existing habitual body. Independent coexistence illustrates a re-new embodied by new attempts and liberations that break with the existing approach to movement, performance style and methods of expression.