3 DU TROIS | Poetic Emergency

Laura Arend’s Léon depicts a poetic urgency between exalted, powerful dance that summons the physicality of the dancers and the passion for movement that brings them together. Inspired by the quest for happiness inherent to humans, the creation takes multiple forms and explores the figure of the epicurean. From a game of fun and innocence to an exploration of sensations, the choreography is a celebration of life, of the deceit of death and above all of art.

With the creation A DANCE, Magdalena Hylak will present an approach centred on improvisation as the motive for a permanent research on art. Through repetitive movement and raw sound, the audience is invited to a new form of ritual that explores the relationships and tensions between public and personal, inside and outside, visible and invisible.

During the creation of her latest solo Dreamer, Anne-Mareike Hess was followed by Bohumil Kostohryz and Marie-Laure Rolland for two years in order to shed light on her creative force. The short film, Anne-Mareike Hess: Le corps en état d’urgence, in the form of a documentary, allows us to discover the driving forces, the work and the stages of a choreographic creation before a premiere.