3 DU TROIS MARCH | The unpredictables

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Choreographer Annick Pütz and poet Anne Kawala will explore interdependent relationships through the prism of sensation, while choreographer Pierre Piton will focus on metarmorphosis.

POLYSEMIS – Annick Pütz

> Exit from residency spent at the Kulturfabrik

Out of the crossed exchanges between Annick Pütz and Anne Kawala, a research device is outlined that allows itself to integrate the edge of scientific fields, between anatomy and anthropology, into the work that opens up an attention to sensation, born of the body or of the spoken text. This device is that of a collection of questions which, rather than calling for a definitive, univocal and immediate answer, opens up to time, to explorations in movement, to the traces that remain, to texts with several meanings, polarities and resonances. After a first meeting around their respective works on the heart (Das Herzprojekt by Annick Pütz (2018), and Au cœur du cœur de l’écrin by Anne Kawala (2017)), the liver in what it conveys in medical, emotional, energetic, historical and magical terms is explored here.

Annick Pütz’s artistic approach consists in the search for a choreographic language that detaches itself from the formal, to access the relational. In recent years, she has become particularly passionate about the complexity, finesse and nuances of the human body, those movements of life that inhabit each person in an expression that is both universal and unique. She travels between body practices and art, with great pleasure and enthusiasm, considering them as two sides of the same – and precious – medal.

Graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Lyon, the work of Anne Kawala interrogates the relationships between orality and scripturality politically, the genre of writings and is based on anthropological and historical research for this purpose. Formally, this work translates into both paper publications and performed, oral, scenic forms. Recently published: Les aventures d’Orphée Foëne à Dos Romeiros (Série Discrète, 2020). Recently directed: Les paysages de Cristal Black (Antre-peaux, Bourges, 2019-2020)

Choreography: Annick Pütz | Poet: Anne Kawala | Partners: Escher Kulturfabrik, TROIS C-L, Rhysom Danz Kollektiv, Ministère de la Culture

> This project benefited from a research grant from TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

OPEN/CLOSED – Pierre Piton

> Exit from residency

Open/Closed proposes to take hold of the symbiotic properties of lichens. The image of an individual body fades away in favour of the ecosystem of an interconnected being. The boundaries of the self fade away in favour of an experience of a different order; that of metamorphosis. The body coincides with that of the other, and is defined in a continuum linking past and future organisms. This utopian morphology becomes a sensory vector in resonance with space, the public and all kinds of creatures.

After an initial training at the CNSMD in Paris, Pierre Piton joined La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène in Lausanne, under the direction of Thomas Hauert. Following his Bachelor’s degree, he presented Capillotractée, his first choreographic creation, at Danse Élargie at the Théâtre De la Ville de Paris and at the Quarts d’Heure de Sévelin in Lausanne. In 2018, he founded the company La PP, in collaboration with Romane Peytavin, and became an Associate Artist at l’Abri. The duo then created Dédicace for the Festival Antigel and presented Farewell Body at the Arsenic Lausanne. Recently, Pierre joined The Field collective based at the Tanzhaus Zürich and works with Simone Aughterlony, Monica Gillette and Isabel Lewis.

Concept, choreography and performance: Pierre Piton | Costumes and performance: Marie Bajenova | Music: Stine Janvin (tbc) | Set design / visual arts: Raphaëlle Mueller | Lighting design: Gautier Teuscher | Dramaturgy and body research: | Dramaturgy and body research: Romane Peytavin | External view: Lucia Gugerli | Dramaturgical production support Tanzhaus Zürich: Jessica Huber | Co-producers: Tanzhaus Zürich, L’Arsenic, centre d’art scénique contemporain – Lausanne | Supports : A project accompanied by Danse & Dramaturgie (D&D CH), an initiative of Théâtre Sévelin 36 Lausanne, in partnership with Dampfzentrale Bern, ROXY Birsfelden, Südpol Luzern, Tanzhaus Zürich, TU-Théâtre de l’Usine Geneva; financed by Pro Helvetia and the SSA Société Suisse des Auteurs | Residencies: Pôle Sud – Centre de développement chorégraphique national de Strasbourg, TROIS C-L, L’Abri – Geneva, Dampzentrale Bern, ROXY Birsfelden, TU-Théâtre de l’Usine Geneva, Tanzhaus Zürich, L’Arsenic Lausanne

> Artist supported by the Grand Luxe network 2019/2020

A project of : TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois
With the financial support of: Ministry of Culture, City of Luxembourg