Mandatory reservation
© Jill Crovisier

Why compare life to a game?
THE GAME RESEARCH teases us with the definition of play, here strongly linked to the subconscious of the human mind.
We grow up playing in order to live. Playful breaks open up many possibilities for exploration in addition to the psychological, physical, philosophical and social facets. Jill Crovisier will reshuffle the deck to broaden the scope of experimentation of her choreographic language and sound creation, the continuous banter between music and dance.

Following this rollercoaster of emotion, Anna Nowicka invites us into the quiet space of the pause. Between dreams, imagination and memories, Within the pause explores the immobility in a frantic race and unfolds the possibilities of creating an intermediate space. When dancing, how can a sense of pause arise? What is perceived when attention shifts from the mode of production to the expansion of an inner space? How can we embody the inner richness that is not perceptible to the naked eye?

Anna Nowicka is welcomed as part of the Grand Luxe network.