Mandatory reservation



Why compare life to a game?
THE GAME RESEARCH teases us with the definition of play, here strongly linked to the subconscious of the human mind.
We grow up playing in order to live. Playful breaks open up many possibilities for exploration in addition to the psychological, physical, philosophical and social facets. Jill Crovisier will reshuffle the deck to broaden the scope of experimentation of her choreographic language and sound creation, the continuous banter between music and dance.

Choreography : Jill Crovisier | Dancer : Zsofia Safranka-Peti, Vanessa Laura Wüthrich (apprentie), Victoria Robinson (apprentie) | Videography : Javist Moreno – FILM BY MADNESS | Production : JC movement production | With : TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois | Partner : Elephant in the Black Box Company (Spain) | Support : Ministère de la Culture Luxembourgeois




Following this rollercoaster of emotion, Anna Nowicka invites us into the quiet space of the pause. Between dreams, imagination and memories, Within the pause explores the immobility in a frantic race and unfolds the possibilities of creating an intermediate space. When dancing, how can a sense of pause arise? What is perceived when attention shifts from the mode of production to the expansion of an inner space? How can we embody the inner richness that is not perceptible to the naked eye?

Anna Nowicka is welcomed as part of the Grand Luxe network.

Concept and choreography: Anna Nowicka | Music : Jasmine Guffond | A week of research with : Catol Teixeira
Supported by the Réseau Grand Luxe



> Projection

Auto is an allegory for one’s journey in life. In life we assume the position of being in the so called ‘driving seat’, the powerful leader of our own destiny. We take our journey forward through assuming the choice of our own directions. Yet still we are navigating within the outer environment not under our control, experiencing events which impact our sense of self. Auto explores the protagonist in this experience of her life, situated within and around a car, the inner space within an outer existence. It explores the altering emotional landscape and inner monologue, and our relationship to transcendental or deterministic views as we journey forwards towards our death.

Concept and choreography : Aifric Ní Chaoimh | Performance : Ileana Orofino | Choreography : Aifric Ní Chaoimh et Ileana Orofino | Videography : Laprorad Studio et Yohan Correia | Music et sound design : Eric G. Foy | Support : Fondation de Luxembourg



> Projection

A confined space reflecting physical restrictions, the interior of the car illustrates the mental space of the protagonist, a restricted space that opens up through the imagination.

The versatile symbolism of the figure of the car allows to twist the setting and to give different depths to the development of the story. They can embody freedom or constraint, danger or safety, isolation or connection…

The inner world of the protagonist, and the theme of freedom, is exposed in a way that could imperceptibly disappear at any moment. The audience takes a seat next to the choreographer, as a passenger, to enter an intimate dimension and witness particular events that give the impression of witnessing something to which they should not have access.

Conception and realization : Isaiah Wilson | Music: Isaiah Wilson | Video Technician: Damiano Picci | Gear: FOQUS | Lights: Jamal Wilson & Paco Muñoz



HVNGRY FOR MORE — Valerie Reding

> Exhibition

Welcome to our pantheon of queer icons, where otherness, diversity and vulnerability are nurtured, shared and celebrated. We are HVNGRY for more – hungry for more tolerance, more respect, more freedom, more visibility, more protection, more rights, more solidarity and more love!

HVNGRY for more is a photo series by Valerie Reding that consists of seven portraits of queer people with diverse bodies, cultural and social backgrounds, sexualities and gender identities and expressions. In close collaboration with the people portrayed and heavily inspired by references to religious iconography, camp, pop culture and video game aesthetics, HVNGRY for more creates a safe space for the free exploration of alternative representations of trans and non-binary people as well as QPOC (queer people of color) – well beyond gender binarity or other socializations.

Concept, photography, costumes, makeup : Valerie Reding | Model : Bruna Revlon, Edwin Ramirez, Elie Autin, Mahalia Giotto, Sandro Niederer, Sebastien Rück, Titilayo Adebayo | Photography assistance : Mahalia Giotto | Production assistance : Nicolas Dubosson | Fluorescent yellow acrylic bracelets : Milko Boyarov| Production, administration, communication : REDart, Valerie Reding| Partners : BØWIE – The Gender Projects Incubator, Be You Network, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Étienne Germain, Fondation Indépendance by BIL, Kulturfolger, Lust*Art by Luststreifen Film Festival Basel, LOS – Lesbenorganisation Schweiz, Ministère de la Culture du Luxembourg, Pink Cross, Stadt Zürich Kultur, TGNS – Transgender Network Switzerland, TROIS C-L Centre de Création, Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, zürich moves! festival