NET OUNI MENG MASK ! MASQUE OBLIGATOIRE ! MANDATORY MASK ! At your next appointment with the dance : Explore codified movements and how they transform the individual with choreographing identities, an investigation by Anne-Mareike Hess before questioning the meaning of ephemerality with La Marche Nébuleuse by the company IN CØRPUS.


> Work in progress

In Choreographing Identities, choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess explores how the practice of specific codified movements affects and transforms a person's body and identity. To what extent and through what means are codified movements used to create, express identity, and signify one's belonging to a certain group? Through conversations with experts from all walks of life (virtual reality, traditional Korean dance, contemporary dance), Anne-Mareike Hess collects postures and gestures in order to explore how they resonate within her. In her choreographic works, Anne-Mareike Hess is mainly interested in the embodiment of human emotions and the creation of characters on stage, which through movement, allow an expression of what goes unnoticed. In her latest works, Warrior (2018) and Dreamer (2020), her interest has increasingly focused on questioning seemingly stereotypical characters and what they reveal about our view of gender roles and the organisation of our society. Choreographing identities is part of this process. Concept and research: Anne-Mareike Hess | Dramaturgical advice: Thomas Schaupp | Experts: Jee-Ae Lim, Pit Vinandy (Cyber piper) | Production: utopic productions | With support from: neimënster, TROIS C-L - Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois > This project benefited from the research support of TROIS C-L - Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois.


> Exit from residency in the framework of the residency exchange with the Laboratoire Chorégraphique de Reims (FR)

Collective routing, force that goes, La marche nébuleuse observes reality through the abstraction of movement by placing five female performers at the heart of the stage. Without pursuing any goal other than the simple development of their intimate powers, the dancers are linked by the same temporal attraction. The walk gradually invents an indissoluble link with time. It is in the measure of their steps and within a common and repetitive pulse that the bodies share the same desire to escape the earth's gravity. This choreographic quintet is an opportunity for choreographer Anaïs Rouch to tackle a group piece. While allowing an imaginary world to blossom that oscillates between the absurd and the poetic, the choreography attempts to give meaning to the ephemeral, to draw the void but also to discreetly refer us to the urgent questions of our time. Conception: Anaïs Rouch | With the performers: Roxane Ouazana, Alessia Pinto, Marion Jousseaume and Laura Morin | Musical composition: Stéphane Comon | Lighting designer: Emmanuelle Staüble | Costumes: Lucie Durantea


> Short documentary film

Saeed Hani offers a short documentary around his latest play The Blind Narcissist. The play tells the self-destructive love story of a young man with a narcissist. In this relationship, where his partner directs all his passion only towards himself, there is an imbalance that inevitably leads to a ruthless struggle. Saeed Hani's work does not only incorporate contemporary dance: it also includes elements from the fields of visual art, nude art and spatial art in order to achieve a unique interdisciplinary performance. The Blind Narcissist premiered in October 2020 at Messepark in Trier (DE). Choreographer: Saeed Hani | Performers: Robin Rohrmann & Gabriel Lawton | Short Video by: Lukas Blumann | Scénographie : Alexander Harry Morrison | Team : Inessa Babkovich & Keti Tskhadadze | Stylist : Naddy Führinger | Music : Jakob Schum | Production : menschMITmensch e.V. in cooperation with Hani Dance Company A project of: TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois With the financial support of: Ministry of Culture, City of Luxembourg Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)