December 2022

Friday , December 09

Il n'y a pas d'évènement ce mois-ci


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> Work in progress

PARASITE is built around the strange theme of parasites and their effects on our body.
The project mixes in an original movement circus, theater, dance and biology, and proposes to discover on the stage the infection and madness under different aspects. It questions them, pokes fun at them, and bases itself, sometimes on scientific writings, sometimes on our personal experiences.

The ability of parasites to manipulate the cognition and behavior of their hosts is fascinating because it raises philosophical questions such as the notion of free will. PARASITE uses parasite infection to examine notions of choice, fate, desire, and identity. This project, started in 2019, is all the more timely now that we live with a virus that is turning our daily lives upside down. From the human to the ladybug, from the rat to the cat, from the Chinese pole to the song: we explore through the body what is happening in our brains.
This is a work in progress that will premiere in June 2022.

Concept and direction: Frieda Gerson | With : Baptiste Gaubert, Julieta Martin & Marina Monmirel | Writing: Frieda Gerson & Baptiste Gaubert | Musical composition: Emre Sevindik | Dramaturgical accompaniment : | External choreographic input: Diane Renée Rodriguez| Construction larvae: Carla Chassang, L’Atelier d Latitude 50 | Administration: Agnese Serallegri

Sponsor during TalentLAB – Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg : Chris Thorpe
External viewpoints TalentAB – Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg : Chris Thorpe & David Bobée



> Screening of the digital version of the piece created for the EDGE students of the London Contemporary Dance School

A million eyes is our message to the universe, an attempt to define what it is to be human, in its most extreme and misguided states. It is pure joy and derision, impetuous hope and magical communion, it is Jane Fonda dancing to the Beatles and the sun burning our skins.

Commissioned by the London Contemporary Dance School | Choreographer: Léa Tirabasso | Rehearsal Director: Jeannie Steel | Dancers: Sarah Baugstø, Tom Cassidy, Benjamin Curtis, Delilah Grocott Cain, James Healy, Lauren Jenkins, Miles Kearney Jenkins, Miles Kearley, Liana Kleinman, Hannah Nichols, Mette Nilsen, Alice Pan, Jacquelyn Tepper, Sabrina Vongsuravatana & Trace Yeames | Director of Photography: Joseph Edwards | Steadicam Operator : Jayy Jaramillo Gomez | Post-production: Barry Jarman | Costumes: Frances Morris | Lighting: Lucy Hansom | Music: Robert Hood, Machinefabriek, Johannes Brahms & The Beatles


(H)OMBERS – Arnoldas Kubilius

> Exhibition

Shadows cast on male forms, male forms plunged into shadow, these are the subjects of (H)OMBRES, the exhibition by Arnoldas Kubilius, a Lithuanian photographer living in Luxembourg. The title combines the Spanish word ‘hombres’, meaning men, and the French word ‘ombres’. The exhibition reveals Arnoldas’ fascination with the shape of the male body. It presents some of the works found in his recent self-published book, also entitled (H)OMBRES, produced with the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture.

The video, accompanying the exhibition, will feature a selection of Arnoldas’ latest works combined with an ethereal piece of music composed and performed by the Luxembourg-based band ThalamusProject (@thalamusproject_).

Photography: Arnoldas Kubilius | Music: ThalamusProject

> The exhibition is organised with the support of BIL’s Independence Foundation.

A project of : TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois
With the financial support of: Ministry of Culture, City of Luxembourg.