3 DU TROIS OCTOBER | Multi-sensory experimentation

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© Arnoldas Kubilius

At your next rendez-vous with dance:
Explore the link between dance and painting, a research by the LUCODA Collective for ESCH22, before immersing yourself in the multiver- sities with Katarzyna Baran. All this will be completed by a conference on research into decadence by the Compagnie Eddi Van Tsui.

> Work in progress

The ChoreoChroma project was born from the common will of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection and the Lucoda collective to explore together the links between dance and painting. Encouraged by the two European Capitals of Culture that will be Esch and Novi Sad, the collaborative project has developed into a creative and cultural exchange project, with as a starting point the painting by Serbian artist Sava Šumanović, Lunch on the grass. Thus begins a multimedia research work, mixing dance, painting, video, music and photography, questioning their relationship to time and space, their respective differences and similarities, to allow a common form of expression to emerge. The public will be invited to participate in a multidimensional experience, a choreographic performance that is at once sensory, auditory and visual, inviting them to explore works of historical heritage with a contemporary eye.

Dance and choreography: Rhiannon Morgan & Giovanni Zazzera | Painting: Chantal Maquet | Video: Melting Pol & Gilles Seyler | Music: Ljubomir Nikola | Photography: Guido Bosua

> This project is also supported by Novi Sad 2022, European Capital of Culture, The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection and the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois.


> Exit from residency in the framework of an international cooperation with MIT (PL)

ALFA CENTAURI deals with the issue of multiverse and the phenomenon of time in combination with the human being, through dance theatre. Physics, philosophy and art are mutually linked. Human DNA is a cosmos and every cell in the body contains all the information about itself. The neuronal connections in the brain are like galaxies, constellations. The body and space. Stillness and movement. Memories and emptiness. What are we in the face of this immensity? Who are we? When are we?
We thought for so long that our moments were falling – into each other, into the next, in a long thread suspended between the beginning and the end. We were so blind. They surround us. They fall around us like confetti. We carry a void. We have space inside us. We have the cosmos within us. We are one.

Concept: Katarzyna Baran | Choreography: Katarzyna Baran, Kamil Wawrzuta, Bartosz Bandura | Music: Michał Chytkowski, Tom Ogrodnik


> Conference

After long, seemingly carefree years marked by near-death battles over discounted pots of spreadable chocolate, the world seems to have become an inexhaustible sottisier. A place where madmen, hilarious and armed, celebrate their victory. Will the survival instinct mobilise? Will we fall into resignation and je-m’en-foutisme?
It is around the subject of decadence that the artists wanted to develop a new artistic repertoire, between dance and dubbing, they experiment with text and movement. The conference is an overview of their research process.

(H)OMBERS – Arnoldas Kubilius

> Exhibition

Shadows cast on male forms, male forms plunged into shadow, these are the subjects of (H)OMBRES, the exhibition by Arnoldas Kubilius, a Lithuanian photographer living in Luxembourg. The title combines the Spanish word ‘hombres’, meaning men, and the French word ‘ombres’. The exhibition reveals Arnoldas’ fascination with the shape of the male body. It presents some of the works found in his recent self-published book, also entitled (H)OMBRES, produced with the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture.

The video, accompanying the exhibition, will feature a selection of Arnoldas’ latest works combined with an ethereal piece of music composed and performed by the Luxembourg-based band ThalamusProject (@thalamusproject_).

Photography: Arnoldas Kubilius | Music: ThalamusProject

> The exhibition is organised with the support of BIL’s Independence Foundation.

A project of : TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois
With the financial support of: Ministry of Culture, City of Luxembourg.