December 2022

Friday , December 09

Il n'y a pas d'évènement ce mois-ci


© Ludivine Unfer

This year’s edition will present several projects that will plunge us into the notion of links, the invisible bridges between people, their environments and different cultures.

Pont invisible, by choreographer Modestine Ekete, speaks of an immaterial corridor in perpetual motion, which is perhaps more real than any bridge one can physically cross. Dual culture is at the heart of this creation, which can be an ordeal for some or an opportunity for others. Standing on this bridge between Africa and Europe, the dancer invites us to enter the world of the Woman-Mother-Worker-Immigrant. She tells us about her journey, her daily life, her aspirations, her dreams, her struggles, her feeling of integration in Europe and particularly in Luxembourg.

Gounouj will immerse us in an interdisciplinary choreographic creation inspired by the Guadeloupean landscape and its ever-changing climatic and social characteristics. Léo Lérus will seek to integrate elements and instruments of contemporary technology to discover the consciousness of dance and its impact on its environment.

IN ROOM33, Polish choreographer Urzula Bernat-Jalocha will depict the situation of inter-personal relationships, which have changed significantly due to their exposure to the world and modern society. Intimacy, non-verbal connection, perception of our environment and awareness of other beings will be studied under the spectrum of technological progress. This progress has provided many opportunities for contact, while at the same time creating new contemporary complications and issues.