3 DU TROIS | Traces and Memories

WE NEED TO FIND EACH OTHER is a hybrid, intergenerational creation that challenges familiar perceptions of relationships. Through their personal stories, anecdotes and professional experiences, Douglas Becker and Brian Ca find the essence of their creation in the meeting of two parallel and intertwined chronologies. Addressing themes such as stigma, identity construction, abuse of power, HIV and rejection, they share their similarities and differences with the audience.
Stirring up decades of experience and knowledge, dissecting their memories and opening up to each other, they build and dance together a new and generous cultural heritage that gives them hope to shape a common future.

Colours shape our perception of the world and the work of Yellow Jacket Collective is a magnifying mirror of our daily lives, using colours to define a specific framework for composition and movement. Using history, symbolism and through an analysis of said colour, a layered universe emerges. RED will explore explosion and reconstruction within a moving stage design. Red is one of the oldest colours mastered by humans and has a polarising history, iconography and ideology involving high stakes. What can the multiple facets of this colour teach us about the history of our humanity?