Conference 3 du TROIS ⎪Meet the project leaders – TalentLab #24

Each edition of TalentLAB brings together a group of international artists in the midst of developing their emerging projects. The diversity of talents and forms of expression, whether in theater, dance or opera, creates a broad spectrum of creativity. Ahead of the TROIS 3 evening, a meeting with the project leaders will highlight the diversity and artistic transversality of the projects, building a bridge between the different worlds of each creator. Come and discover the projects of Malcolm Sutherland, Maher Abdul Moaty, Carlota Matos, Avildseen Bheekhoo, Jenna Vergeynst and April Koyejo-Audiger! The evening continues with Le 3 du TROIS, featuring a residency outing by Smadar Goshen with the project Body that Stands, and a screening of the documentary film Moitié Moi, revealing the creative process behind KnowEdge’s piece Patchwork.


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