Mandatory reservation
© Sebastian Erôme

With FutureNow, which is for all the young at heart from ages 7 to 77,
Yuval Pick reactivates everyone’s childlike imagination.


FutureNow, refocuses on questions and themes fundamental to everyone’s existence: childhood, the roots of subjectivity, self-construction, creativity. The choreographer initially addressed a few simple and concrete questions to his performers: “How was I creative as a child? When did I feel different in my youth?

In this way, he asked his dancers to extract a key moment of change from their memories. To find one of these points of support, or one of these intimate foundations, which forge the core of their subjectivity, their own way of seeing, apprehending and living the world. If we ask ourselves these questions, we will all find a moment of childhood, brief or long, a life experience, an initiative, a refusal, a new way of speaking, a thought, where our “I” took a new bend, a new direction and a new impulse. It is a question of deviation: from ourselves, from our relationship with others, from our habits. In the space of this gap, something new is born, which we will grasp on the spot or afterwards. And this is what FutureNow explores and wants to show.

Each dancer responded to the choreographer’s questions by creating a solo, made of words (narrating the key event in his or her story) and movements. From this abundant material, Yuval Pick now envisions his piece as a cutting, a montage of fragments, a mosaic drawn from this material, reflecting this subjective creativity, and, further, the subsequent creativity of new connections with others.

For FutureNow, Yuval Pick decided to adopt a quasi-cinematic gesture of cutting and reassembling. In the manner of a documentary, his approach tends to give to see, to let the forms and emotions happen as much as possible. To make the spectators feel a creative liberation of the body and sensitivity, such is the challenge of FutureNow!

This evening is brought to you as part of the TROIS C-L’s new residency exchange program: AU-TOUR DE.