HOЯS CIЯCUITS | The Blind Narcissist

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© Bert Van Pelt

The Blind Narcissist, Saeed Hani’s latest creation, is a unified interdisciplinary performance inviting choreography, visual arts, nude and spatial art on stage. Loosely based on the myth of Narcissus, a man who could only express love and admiration for himself, the piece delves into a self-destructive love story. In this relationship, where a young man’s partner devotes all his passion to his reflection, an imbalance emerges that inevitably leads to a merciless struggle.

Choreographer : Saeed Hani | Performers : Robin Rohrmann & Gabriel Lawton | Scenography : Alexander Harry Morrison | Dramaturgy : Alexander Harry Morrison | Team : Inessa Babkovich & Keti Tskhadadze | Costumes : Naddy Führinger | Music : Jakob Schumo | Production : Hani Dance Company