HORS CIRCUITS ⎪Special Edition Aerowaves

© Mario Albergati

In the moment – Camilla Monga & Emanuele Maniscalco

In the moment explores time through an innovative approach to performance and improvisation. Piano and drums are played together to create a composition, partly written and partly improvised. Musical ideas were inspired by the dancers’ movements, giving shape to a continuous dialogue between sounds and gestures. This exchange draws the audience into an unconscious musical memory and a meditative state.

Sull’Attimo – trailer from camilla monga on Vimeo.

Choreographer: Camilla Monga | Musician and co-writer: Emanuele Maniscalco | Performers: Stefano Roveda, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere and Camilla Monga | Artistic collaboration: Meris Angioletti | Lighting: Camilla Monga and Nicola Fasoli | Photographer: Mario Albergati | Videographer: Matteo Maffesanti


to be possessed – Chara Kotsali

Chara Kotsali‘s to be possessed is a rehearsal of demonic rituals that summon the spirits that haunt our language, our writings, our knowledge, our minds and the material world itself. to be possessed experiments with creating rituals of remembrance and awakening the multiple voices within us. By exploring women’s testimonies, Chara Kotsali gives voice to these stories of demons, exorcism and spirit summoning. Chara Kotsali indulges in the demonic as she attempts to animate the phenomena she encounters, inviting them to reveal their character as both overwhelming and subversive in the face of the automia of individual women.

To Be Possessed – Chara Kotsali (trailer) from Konstantinos Sakkas on Vimeo.

Concept, choreography, interpretation: Chara Kotsali | Dramaturgy: Dimitra Mitropoulou | Artistic consultant: Periklis Pravitas | Music & sound: Jeph Vanger | Music: “furiosa” | Lip synchronization and harmonization: Dimitra Trypani | Lighting: Eliza Alexandropoulou | Production & diffusion: delta pi | Commission & production: Onassis Stegi | Touring technician: Stavros Kariotoglou (Onassis Stegi) | Diffusion: Christina Liata (Onassis Stegi)



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