Mandatory reservation
© Philippe-Weissbrodt

Come and discover a new form of sound and choreographic installation!

In the form of an application for your smartphone, Palimpsest uses the language of audio description to offer you a choreographic vision of a place. Léa Tirabasso has been selected to propose innovative and original works of dance related to the Banannefabrik building.

Palimpsest is a project developed since 2018 by the Swiss choreographer Nicole Seiler. Through geolocated sound pieces, the audience itself becomes an actor of the movement, projected on the scene of an ephemeral theatre against all odds.

In response to the question “What are your emotional memories of the Banannefabrik?” the artist-choreographer and dancer Léa Tirabasso recalled being overwhelmed by images, sensations and experiences. She takes us on a journey through the historic building with a dance described by Séverine Skierski and set to music by Jérémie Conne.

Despite the sanitary crisis and its effects on the day-to-day life, the device and the writing focus on proximity and intimacy with the spectators. This will allow you to visualise figures that are physically absent, but that your imagination will allow you to catch glimpses of. The dance becomes a museum, a reflection of an era, a living trace of an important period.

How does it work?

Through the application, you will be invited to go to a specific location to listen to a choreography through headphones and indirectly “see through your ears”. Once the listening point indicated on the map is reached, the sound piece can begin.

It is important to have:

  • your smartphone
  • your headphones or earphones
  • your mask
  • a wifi connection will be provided inside the building

As soon as you arrive, we will guide you on how to take advantage of the installation!
Appointments can be made from Monday to Friday, in 30 minute slots from 10am to 4.30pm.

To reserve your free time slot, write to danse(at), mentioning the day and time you wish to join the installation.

Design: Nicole Seiler | Text: Séverine Skierski | Music: Jérémie Conne | Choreography: Léa Tirabasso | Financial support: City of Lausanne, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, Ministry of Culture Luxembourg, City of Luxembourg