Julie Barthélémy

Julie Barthélémy

julie-barthelemy-artiste-luxembourg-trois-c-lTrained at the Conservatory of music et de dance in Metz and then in Toulouse, Julie Barthélemy quickly seeks to develop her dance vocabulary by joining professional companies very early in her career. Thus, his first experiences as an interpreter were made in 2001 alongside the Carnets Bagouet with the piece So Shnell, within the Compagnie Reaction (company combining contemporary dance, hip hop dance, circus art and theatre) and the Urban Sax Collective, a great musical ensemble combining dance and performance.

At the same time in 2004, she obtained her state diploma as a dance teacher at a very young age, allowing her to intervene in conservatories, theatres and faculties. Dancer, choreographer and pedagogue, Julie Barthelemy has been working in the Grand Region for a decade.

As a dancer, she worked for Bernard Baumgarten/Compagnie UNIT CONTROL (LU). Laboratory Light-Dance allows the creation of the solo Marie in 2013, choreographed by Bernard Baumgarten. Their collaboration will continue with two other solos, including Les Langues ont-elles des ailes, the fruit of the meeting between the choreographer, a clothing designer and a Japanese author. She also dances for Emmanuela Lacopini (IT/LU)/Compagnie Vedanza: she performs on Jungala and collaborated on the creation of THE JOB, in which she danced. She is also on the cover of the children’s play Duo Duu by the choreographer Anu Sistonen (FI/ LU)/Dance Developpement Finally, she works with the companies based in Metz : Corps In Situ (show: Par ici/ Leave) and Mirage (room Valse for a summer night / Fury). She also performed for Belgian artist Sophie Van de Keybus as part of the BOS project.

While continuing her career as a performer, Julie Barthélémy also initiated her own choreographic projects, notably with the support of the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création chorégraphique Luxembourgeois. In 2009, she created the solo Gift in collaboration with visual artist Tommy Lazlo and took advantage of the «Boost Programm» (European partnership Luxembourg-Romania) device, which culminated in 2011 in the solo Could Be Dancing. These two solos open a series of performances and collaborations with video and visual artists such as Marie-Noelle deverre, David Verlet, Vanessa Steiner and Vanessa Gandar.

In 2016, she teamed up with dancer-choreographer Lucile Guin for the piece Deux Danseuses et Des Poufs, currently on air; and dancing for the film La Nuit Juste Avant Les Forêts with actor Hugo Becker. In 2017, she danced for Sarah Baltzinger’s FURY, then joined again the Compagnie Corps In Situ/ARTEZIA a.s.b.l. for the creation Leave.

Recently, she appeared on the dance TV show MOVE/ FLUIDES for ARTE, presented by the Luxembourg dancer-choreographer Sylvia Camarda. She recently joined the Cie OSMOSIS- Ali Salmi for Bodies Landscapes , Revival Saint Pierremont, Bodies Skyline … 

As a choreographer she presented the project «EN DIALOGUES» (dance performances) in Metz during the summer of 2018.

Julie Barthélémy is an artist associated with recognized European structures such as the Arsenal – EPCC Metz en Scènes in Metz or the CDWEJ – Centre dramatique de Wallonie pour l’enfance et la jeunesse en Belgique , NEST Thionville … 

She is also invited as a jury for the final examinations in national conservatories and the dance-art option for the baccalaureates. 

The body is placed at the centre of its artistic approach: experience, feel, energy, fluctuation, transformation characterize its choreographic work. The crossbreeding and the search for new vocabularies make it possible to nourish his dance constantly.

Photo © André Nitschke