Giovanni Zazzera

© Bohumil Kostohryz

Since 2010 he regularly performs on stage working for various projects and companies. (Noblet dance company (D), Jean Guillaume Weis (L), Theater Trier (D), Co. Via Verde (F), Rhymson Danz (L), The people of Uterpan (F), Cie Polypous (F), Provisional Title (F), Kimmo Alakunas (FIN), Hannah Ma (D), Bernard Baumgarten (L), Mirage Company (F), Moadance Company (L), Vedanza (L) BlanContact (L), Kultur Labor Trier (D) ) …)
In 2013 he is awarded the Luxembourg Dance Prize for his many engagements.

For some years now, he has been creating his own pieces as a choreographer and in 2013 he create his first piece entitled « IF I … » will be presented at the TROIS C-L-choreographic creation center of luxembourg (L), at the E-motional Rethinking Dance Bacau Festival (ROU), as well as at the LOFT for the LuxFestival in Leipzig (D). Other pieces will follow such as « Reverse », « TrUst », « Secrets », « Quand le silence parle » and « Flowers grows, even in the sand », which will be presented in various events and festivals such as at (TanzMainz Festival, at the 2016 Barnes Crossing Solo / Duo festival in Köln and Tufa Trier (D), at the Juarez Machado Theater in Joinville (Brasil), at the Transversal Theater in Verdun (F), the Neumünster Abbey Theater, 3CL, Mierscher kulturhaus , Cercle Cité and the Théâtre d’Esch (L).

In 2015, Giovanni joined the artistic project « Blancontact » which unites dance and disability and took part in it in 2018/19 as a choreographer alongside Thierry Raymond. In the same year, he collaborated in the choreographic direction of the piece « ART.13 », an AWA & S & P Production production and co-choreographed with Ela Baumann a young public piece entitled « Fenrir de Riese Wollef » produced by Koplabunz.

In 2019, he participated in the choreographic creation of the play « Draussen vor der Tür » of the Kulturlabor Trier (D) and is currently working on his new choreographic creation « Until you fall », which will be presented as a world premiere on June 5, 2019. Mierscher Kulturhaus and the Municipal Theater of Esch sur Alzette (L).

Giovanni regularly gives workshops in contemporary dance, contact dance and improvisation. He is also involved in the board of directors of ASPRO, an association for the defense of the rights of artists in Luxembourg and active member of Koplabunz.

In 2019 he participates in the foundation of the new dance collective in Luxembourg – LUCODA.

Multidisciplinary, in his artistic approach, he aspires to explore the world of dance through sharing and the message, thus mixing the arts and their emotions.