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“Jill Crovisier is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist born in 1987 in Luxembourg. She graduated in ballet and contemporary dance from the Conservatory of Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) and continued her studies in China, France, the United States, Indonesia, and Israel. Jill has been working as a professional dancer since 2007, and as a choreographer, videographer, and sound creator since 2013. She also holds a degree in dance pedagogy. Jill’s artistic approach is based on personal experience, observation, and a strong connection to society and people. She is passionate about exploring the intersections between choreographic writing, sound design, and cultural exchange collaborations. Jill’s work emphasises authenticity and realism, using dance to communicate stories about life and identity. She places a strong emphasis on creating work that is inclusive and emotionally engaging, even for those who may not be familiar with contemporary dance. Jill has participated in choreographic competitions such as Hanover, Copenhagen, Stuttgart, Masdanza and was selected at Lucky Trimmer. She won the Luxembourgish Dance Award in 2019 and the PEARLS prize for her short film NILYNDA. In 2021, she created a dance piece (Tanzabend) for the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen (DE) among others. After 20 years around the world, Jill continues to collaborate world wide with different institutions, dance companies, young ballets, and universities while remaining an active freelance performer. Her involvement in dance therapeutic projects and creations contributes to expanding the potency of dance to a larger audience. Her dance company JC movement production – Jill Crovisier, created in 2013, is funded by the Ministry of Culture Luxembourg.”


2024-2025 /// THE GAME – GRAND FINALE


2021 /// SAHASA (jeune public)


2020  /// JINJEON


2020-2021 /// I(CE)(S)CREAM – BOLERO FEMME


2020 /// BOLERO


2018 /// SIEBEN


2018 /// NILYNDA (video danse)


2017 /// Zement, the solo


2016 /// The Hidden Garden


2016 /// MATKA (jeune public)


The entire work of Jill Crovisier can be found on her website HERE


2021 Best cinematography award with the music video clip Tulipe by Ryvage at Los Angeles Experimental dance and Music Film Festival, USA (choreographer and dancer)

2019 Luxembourgish Dance award 

2019 Price of Honour for exceptional achievements in dance and choreography by the City of Rumelange, Luxembourg

2018 CICC Production Award winner at Copenhagen International Choreography

Competition with Zement, the solo (choreographer+dancer)

2018 Frankfurt award winner at Solocoreografico Torino with Zement, the solo (choreographer+dancer)

2019 PEARLS award at the POOL Internationale TanzFilm Platform Berlin with the short dance film NILYNDA, Germany (videographer + choreographer)

2014 Best dance performance prize for Bekitzor by Kadima Projects Australia at Fringe Festival Adelaide, Australia (dancer)