15.-19.04.24 | Technique Horton with Maya Balam Meyong

© Christopher Jones

For this new professional class, Maya Balam Meyong will be teaching a Horton Technique class sparkled with key elements of her own movement practice, the week of April 15-19, 2024.

The Horton technique is a method for the dancer’s training. It was developed by the American modern dancer and choreographer Lester Horton, during the first half of the XXth century. The Technique focuses on the whole body in an approach of flexibility, strength, coordination and control of one’s own body in space to liberate expression.

Following the typical structure of a Horton class, Maya will provide the dancers with the necessary tools, knowledge as well as historical context to embody this modern dance technique whilst adapting it to their own body and needs.

Join us for a week of exploration, rigor, generosity, knowledge, laughter and commitment to the simple state of being !


Maya Balam Meyong
Native from Belgium with Cameroonian origins, Maya graduated from a BFA in dance at the PSPBB/Paris8 University as well as from Rick Odum’s professional training and teaching programs under scholarship award. Alumnus of the Springboard Dance Montreal and of the Jacob’s Pillow Contemporary Program, Maya is also an awardee of the Vocatio Foundation as well as of Phil Collins’s Little Dreams Foundation.

Upon graduating, Maya moved to Brussels where she danced for different choreographers while starting to develop her own artistic vision, works and projects. She co-founded The Dancing Society a collective at the intersection of dance and different art forms as well as the Perpetuum Mobile, a Brussels-based international dance festival. Furthermore, she started sharing with passion her movement practices with both professional and amateur dancers.

Since moving to New York, Maya has danced with the CR Dance Company and has been greatly influenced by Gaga as well as physical theater coupled with her personal movement research. This has inspired her to create works and lead independent productions both in the US and in Belgium.

“Dance · Create · Experience” being one of her guiding mantras, Maya dedicates herself to developing her artistic voice as a dancer, creator and cultural stakeholder in order to share the grace and transformative power of dance. This is the light she pursues in creations/collaborations, with The Dancing Society, The Perpetuum Mobile and the Akram Khan Company she has recently joined with the international tour of The Jungle Book reimagined.