December 2022

Friday , December 09

Il n'y a pas d'évènement ce mois-ci

© Piotr Jaruga

The NIMiT runs residency, artistic, research, publishing and grant programmes designed for the Polish music and dance communities. The Institute runs a wide range of educational activities and also encourages quality improvement in music and dance education and supports cultural institutions and non-governmental organisations.

The NIMiT participates in the exchange of information and experience between Polish and international professional organizations. It runs a database of artists and works, and actively supports the development of professional music and dance communities in Poland, organising the Polish Music Convention and the Dance Congress which provide ample space for exchange of experiences and self-reflection, as well as running conferences, workshops and training for dance and music professionals. It also develops publicly available special reports and expert opinions, and runs a programme assisting dance artists in acquiring new professional qualifications.

The NIMiT is also the main organiser of important cultural events across Poland, such as the biennial Polish Dance Platform, the annual Coryphée of Polish Music award, and two competitions that are held alternately, the Young Musician of the Year and the Young Dancer of the Year.

TROIS C-L has been working with NIMiT since 2018. Tania Soubry went to Poland in September 2019 to work on her new project Brave (K)new Rave, while TROIS C-L hosted Polish artist Artur Bieńkowski in end of October 2019.

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, 2020’s exchange was postponed to 2021: William Cardoso went to Lublin to work on his project RAUM, showed a work-in-progress and gave a workshop for non professionals. Polish artist Katarzyna Baran came to Luxembourg in September for a residency and to take part in a 3 du TROIS.

Urszula Bernat-Jałocha will come to TROIS C-L in autumn 2022 while Annick Schadeck will go to Varsaw in november 2022 with her new project.