JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre is a professional chorographic creation centre situated in the north of Finland. One of the four members of the Regional Dance Centre in the north of Finland, the centre’s activities are financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as by the town of Oulu.

The centre promotes contemporary dance and presents a varied, international artistic programme. The JoJo also honours the mix and artistic influences that enrich the field of choreography. This structure asserts itself as a creative centre for professional choreography artists, as well as a venue. It organises a residency exchange programme as well as the OuDance Festival every September.

The JoJo is a partner of TROIS C-L since 2012; which makes Finland the leader in TROIS C-L’s residency exchange programme.

In 2018, for the new step in their annual exchanges, TROIS C-L hosted the Finnish artist, Soili Huhtakallio and his crew as resident artists. At the same time, JoJo hosted the choreographer, Giovanni Zazzera in creative residency for his project, Until You Fall, a work-in-progress which he presented as part of the OuDance Festival.

In September 2019, JoJo will host Jennifer Gohier and Grégory Beaumont and their new PROJET K. The partnership was supposed to continue in 2020 with TROIS C-L hosting Finnish artist Emmi Vana and with Giovanni Zazzera going to JoJo with his new project.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this exchange has been postponed to 2021. The Finnish artist Emmi Vana came to  TROIS C-L in June 2021 and participated in the 3 du TROIS in July 2021. Giovanni Zazzera traveled to Finland in September 2021 with his new project CREDERE. He took part in the OuDance Festival.