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Karukera Ballet has created the RECIF programme with the goal of supporting emerging and confirmed choreographic companies with singular creative propositions. Like an artistic reef that mixes colours and identities, the artists are invited to question themselves, to federate and to walk together in innovative creation. To support companies, RECIF provides studios, co-working spaces, financial support, artistic and/or administrative assistance and public performance.

Karukera Ballet and TROIS C-L initiated a collaboration from 2021. Choreographer Sarah Baltzinger had the opportunity to go on a residency with her team to work on her new piece ROUGE EST UNE COULEUR FROIDE for 20 days in October 2021. During this residency she also gave professional classes and had the opportunity to show her work-in-progress to professionals.

In 2022, TROIS C-L will welcome choreographer Léo Lerus for a residency period followed by a public presentation on September 3rd.

In 2023, a company from Luxembourg will go to Guadeloupe to take part in the RECIF programme.