Festival OFF d’Avignon 2021

TROIS C-L was able to put the CDCN des Hivernales in Avignon in touch with the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture in order to establish a partnership for the next 3 years and to allow each year a Luxembourg dance company to present a piece during On (y) danse aussi l’été festival. Before starting this partnership next year, Simone Mousset was able to present her piece The Passion of Andrea 2 at Les Hivernales this year with the support of Théâtre d’Esch.

Jill Crovisier and Simone Mousset were supported on site by Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg.

Festival OFF d’Avignon 2020 / 2021

The choreographer Jill Crovisier was chosen to participate in the Festival OFF d’Avignon 2020 with the financial support of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, she presented her contemporary dance solo The Hidden Garden in 2021. The jury, commissioned by THEATER FEDERATIOUN, was composed of Karin Kremer, Françoise Pirovalli, Marie-Laure Rolland and Andreas Wagner. The jury was unanimous in its decision. Seven productions were in competition that year.

TROIS C-L supports Jill Crovisier during her presence in Avignon at the Golovine Theatre and beforehand.