Tanztendenz München was established in 1987 as the first production association for contemporary dance in Germany. Its goal is to improve production conditions for freelance contemporary choreographers. They offer access to a rehearsal and production center with 3 different sizes studios.

The association’s focal points are to provide fundamental support, relevant to the production, for freelance choreographers who create their own artistic works, as well as to promote independently funded research and production projects.

Among their range of activities : open studios, artistic residencies, the International Choreographers’ Atelier, « STANDPUNKT.e – welcome to my world » performance series, side.kicks festival…

Tanztendenz München and TROIS C-L already gathered artists from both countries for online discussions during the lockdown, and are planning to start a more concrete collaboration.

Since, the project LUX/MUC – Open source for dance was born :
The idea of this project is to create a free space for exchanges between artists, with no defined form or expected result. This free space could take the form of a working group, a forum, meetings, conferences or even creations. Here, priority is given to exchanging ideas and points of view, but also and especially to enhance the autonomy and freedom of the 8 artists participating in this project.

Two times a year, the choreographers will have the opportunity to meet with their partners in Luxembourg and Munich to share their ideas and the steps they’ve taken.

For the moment, two working groups were created. While one group is exploring the theme of gender and identity, the other is studying the relationship between new technologies, humans and dance. Whatever form or result these ideas might take, the artists can be sure of the support of TROIS C-L and Tanztendenz.