FENRIR, DE RISEWOLLEF | Ela Baumann & Anaïs Lorentz

fenrir-de-risewollef-ela-baumann-anais-lorentzPhoto © Claudia Locherer

Fenrir, de Risewollef is a choreographic and musical production for a young audience from the age of eight years old. A magical conversation escapes from an old chest, throwing Ask and Embla into a faraway world. The strong partnership between saxophone and dance recounts the legend of Fenrir, the untameable giant wolf. This ancient Scandinavian tale examines concepts such as destiny, guilt and innocence, whilst reminding us of the cyclical force of life.

Concept: Ela Baumann, Anaïs Lorentz
Performers: Anaïs Lorentz (saxophone), Giovanni Zazzera (danse)
Direction and text: Ela Baumann
Choreographer: Ela Baumann, Giovanni Zazzera
Music: Pierre Cocq-Amann

Production: Kopla Bunz a.s.b.l.
Coproduction: Rotondes, Kulturhaus Niederanven, Trifolion Echternach, Centre socio-culturel régional Prabbeli Wiltz, CAPE-Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck, Centre culturel régional opderschmelz Dudelange.
With the support of: Fonds stART-up et programme Mateneen de l’Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, TROIS C-L, Fondation Indépendance

Performances : 24.-27.01.2018
Place des Rotondes| L-2448 Luxembourg ; Tel. +352 2662 2030

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