INTERVIEW | Simone Mousset, The Passion of Andrea 2

INTERVIEW | Simone Mousset, The Passion of Andrea 2

During her residency at KLAP, Maison pour la danse, Marseille (FR), Simone Mousset anwered our questions before her French premiere of The Passion of Andrea 2  presented on October 10th, 2019 during the festival QUESTION DE DANSE.

Can you tell us more about how the piece evolved through time?

S. M. : In July, we were in residency in London, Newcastle, and Berlin, and during this time, Lydia Sonderegger, who made the costumes and designed the set, was with us. We had to make very intuitive choices about the set design, like for exemple buying all fabrics and sew objects we had in mind even thought they were bringing up many questions rather than offering solutions. In Luxembourg we finished the set design and the result was a wonderful surprise; we had the chance to have a stage residency at CAPE in September, but it is only in Marseille, in the creation room and with the final set, that we truly understood the potential of the set design. 

How did you work with the team?

S. M. : Each creation is a true collaboration with the artistic team. I have a universe in mind, and everybody throw ideas in order to develop, define and enrich it. Once we work on concrete material, it is easy to talk about it in group because everyone knows where the idea comes from, the original wish, and so everyone can follow the developing process and changes. Artists involved in the project suppport me with their expertise, artistic tastes, but also by giving me their point of view on different choices that might influence the piece, and I take the final decision. The team is so invested and truly generous in their work, but in spite of that, I sometimes feel lonely and anxious facing the logistic and artistic responsability that comes with the project.

Very well-acclaimed at KLAP, Maison pour la danse, Simone’s Mousset new creation will be in Luxembourg! More details below:

Date de première au Luxembourg  :
13 + 14.11.2019
Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg
1 Rond-point Schuman
2525 Luxembourg

CAPE – Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck Centre des Arts Pluriels
Ed. Juncker
1, place Marie-Adélaïde
L-9063 Ettelbruck

Billetterie en ligne sur :
Tél. (+352) 26 32 43-1

  Photos © Lydia Sonderegger