Annick Schadeck

What are our links between space and time? And within this relationship, what place is dedicated to our own experience? Continuous File questions the nature of “between two things”. Linking the two elements of movement and sound, Continuous File places a third imaginary or invisible element, with the aim of questioning permanence and change, identity and difference.

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Concept: Annick Schadeck
Choreographers and performers: Annick Schadeck & Teresa Lucia Forstreuter
Artistic collaboration and costumes: Michèle Tonteling
Artistic advice: Camille Mutel
Music: Timo Vollbrecht, Keisuke Matsuno
Light designer: Nina Schaeffer
With the financial support of: Fondation Indépendance

Creation financed in the frame of TROIS C-L’s program « Les Emergences »