QUAND LE SILENCE PARLE | Giovanni Zazzera & Sergio Mel

QUAND LE SILENCE PARLE | Giovanni Zazzera & Sergio Mel

Giovanni Zazzera_Sergio Mel_QUAND LE SILENCE PARLE© Bohumil Kostohryz_EMERGENCES_3_0799Photo © Bohumil Kostohryz

Quand le silence parle – This piece starts, above all, with a question: “When silence starts to talk, what can it possibly tell us?”

The long and mysterious silences which fill our daily lives eat away at the spoken word and make it powerless: the silences suddenly make sense where words failed. Some people experience feelings of contemplation, joy, serenity in silence, whilst others are scared of it and try to find a way of defending themselves against silence through words. Nevertheless, does silence not remain the most powerful force to show feelings, hide fears and express joy? Sometimes, we use silence to capture a sound, to feel someone’s presence, or even, to find an answer. However, sooner or later, we are irrevocably forced to break it. And so, the spoken word is born in a silence that dies.

Presented as a duo, Quand le silence parle is the result of a meeting between two choreographers from different cultures, paths and experiences. Going beyond the potential barriers, Sergio Mel and Giovanni Zazzera decided to use these differences to communicate, taking inspiration from the silence and creating a dialogue and shared experience within it. In this joint creation, the two choreographers tried to explore and work out what is beyond silence. Finally, they want to share their experience with the audience and make the silence talk and dance.


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Choreography and performance: Giovanni Zazzera & Sergio Mel
Artistic advisor: Anne-Mareike Hess
Costumes: Lidia Bento, Maria Anjos
Light design: Brice Durand
Music: David Harwell (« The mind is a war zone »), SAYCET (« Northern Lights »)
Video: Lidia Bento

Creation financed in the frame of TROIS C-L’s program « Les Emergences »