Sarah Baltzinger

© Bohumil Kostohryz

Considered as a transgressive narrative, Bluebeard is a wonderful reading to tell how the wounds of the past come to hinder the present and our desire to be saved by the other.

Taking the work of Charles Perrault as a starting point, the new creation of Sarah Baltzinger and the musician Guillaume Jullien illustrates the way in which our interpersonal relationships are exercised, between hedonism and fascination for danger.

Through a contemporary aesthetic inspired by the Baroque and a wedding between sound and gesture, the two artists explore links that weave and dissolve to lead into a reflection on our antinomic desire for belonging and freedom, attachment and emancipation.

This creation is the second part of a research on inheritance and transmission.

DON’T YOU SEE IT COMING #firsteaser from Sarah Baltzinger on Vimeo.

Concept, choreographer and performer: Sarah Baltzinger
Music and sound: Guillaume Jullien
Choreography adviser: Jill Crovisier
Light Designer: Viviane Descreux
Photography and video: 
Bohumil Kostohryz
Production: a.s.b.l SB Company & Compagnie MIRAGE
Supports and partnerships: Arsenal – Cite Musicale-Metz (FR) | Kinneksbond, Centre Culturel Mamer (LU) | TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU) | L’Adagio, Thionville (FR) | Ville de Metz – Conventionnement Triennal (FR) | Fondation Indépendance (LU) | SPEDIDAM (FR) | Région Grand-Est (FR)