Anne-Mareike Hess

© Martine Pinnel

In the new dance solo Dreamer, choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess will venture into this space between the real and imagined, the felt and the phantazised: the dreamer, lures the audience with her voice and ever-changing appearance into an immersive abyss of twilight and divine femininity. Movements and textures, lyrics and sound, as well as an atmosphere of blue shaded light will create a surreal space, that allows us to reflect on stereotypes of female representation.


Choreography, performance: Anne-Mareike Hess
Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp
Sound composition: Jana Sotzko
Costumes: Mélanie Planchard
Light design: Brice Durand
Vocal coach: Jule Flierl
Production: utopic productions
Co-production: Neimënster (LU), Weld Stockholm (SE), Skogen (SE),
Support: Centre de création chorégraphique luxembourgeois TROIS C-L, Ministère de la Culture Luxembourg, Fonds culturel national Luxembourg FOCUNA
Research Support: BoraBora Residency Center Aarhus (DK)
Residency: Tanzhaus Zürich, Neimënster