Sylvia Camarda

Sylvia Camarda, presents her new creation this autumn, built around the infamous personality of a dictator, a cross between Stalin, Gadhafi, Hitler, Amin Dada or even Saddam Hussein. Either voluntarily or under duress, they live as exiles from the human world. However, they relentlessly dream of breaking that exile and returning and imposing themselves using force, but also with support. Sylvia Camard surprises the audience by giving her dictator, who has gone “done the rabbit hole” a surprising way of speaking. Performing alone on stage, she has been assisted by a well-known set designer: Ingo Groher.

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Concept, choreography and dance: Sylvia Camarda
Scenography : Ingo Groher
Costumes: Ezri Kahn
Music creation: Steve Kaspar
External eye: Steve Karier
Production: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Coproduction: Théâtre d’Esch