Sarah Baltzinger

© Compagnie Mirage

Chorographic piece for six dancers and one live musician, FURY is Sarah Baltzinger’s new creation. Working with the notion of intensity using speed, she treats speed like a satire of time. Like The Divine Comedy, this creation takes the form of a hypnotic journey in a sparkling universe where vice and virtue live together, for those that are broken and are in freefall. Revealing the alienation and the determination of people facing the acceleration of modern society, FURY is an unrestrained race, an immediate physical risk taking, a constant search for intimacy and for oneself.

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FURY de Sarah Baltzinger #trailer from Sarah Baltzinger on Vimeo.


Concept and choreography: Sarah Baltzinger
Creation and performance:
 Sarah Baltzinger, Catarina BarbosaAlessio Sanna, Jill Crovisier, Youri De Gussem, Baptiste HilbertMusic creation and live music: Guillaume Jullien
Compagnie Mirage / SB Company a.s.b.l.
Technical management: 
Soizic Lambin et Viviane Descreux
Digital design: 
Augusta Guernier – Lozange Lab
Supports: ADAMI, Arsenal – EPCC Metz-en-scène, DRAC ACAL, Ecole Art K. Danse, Espace de création Le Puzzle, Exp.Edition – Biennale de la Danse en Grand Est, Kinneksbond – Centre Culturel de Mamer Luxembourg, Le LED, Ministère de la Culture luxembourgeois, Patrimoine de la Ville de Metz, Région Grand-Est, SPEDIDAM, TCRM Blida, TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Ville de Metz, Ville de Thionville