Giovanni Zazzera

© Giovanni zazzera

Giovanni Zazzera is a familiar face at the TROIS C-L. He is a multidisciplinary choreographer, strongly engaged in his artistic vision. He participated in 2013 in « Les Emergences » program for emerging artists by the TROIS C-L and received financial support last year for his artistic research. In 2019 he writes its new piece exploring the notion of falling. Do we know the meaning of falling? Falling in love, falling from high, falling down, literally and metaphorically… This word reveals many situations in which falling can become essential, can free us and help us move on. Beyond laws of gravity and and resistance, Until you fall invites you to fall into a colourful and absurd world and contemplate fears, risks and hidden pleasures. Let go of everything and start again brand new !

More information and all tour dates: www.koplabunz.com / www.zazzeragiovanni.com

Choreographer: Giovanni Zazzera
Performers: Catarina Barbosa, William Cardoso, Alexandre Lipaux, Hayato Yamaguchi & Valentina Zappa
Music: Nikola JeremicStage design and costumes: Dagmar Weitze
Dramaturgy: Thierry Raymond
Light designers: Dr. Nele Lipp, Tim Nunn
Production and communication: Tessy Fritz
Production: Kopla Bunz a.s.b.l.
Coproduction: Mierscher Kulturhaus, Théâtre d’Esch
With the support of: Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Fonds stART-up, TROIS C-L, FOCUNA – Fond Culturel National