FOCUS | 3 Luxembourgish choreographers in residency abroad in September

FOCUS | 3 Luxembourgish choreographers in residency abroad in September



As a Luxembourg-based centre for contemporary dance, TROIS C-L works to support professional choreographers and dancers by making the promotion of their work beyond national borders one of its core activities. TROIS C-L takes care of an international artistic residency exchange programme which is an important tool in the promotion of the national choreography scene. These periods of work outside Luxembourg offer participating artists the possibility to meet other professionals from the cultural sector, to make international ties and to gain visibility for their artistic work.

This month is particularly busy with residencies abroad, with choreographers Tania Soubry in Lublin, Poland, Jill Crovisier in Paris and Jennifer Gohier in Finland.

They shared with TROIS C-L their first impressions on this experience abroad and on the development of their current research.



Residency at Maison du Portugal André de Gouveia à Paris | from September 1st to 15th
Research project : JINJEON | Showing September 14th at 18:00


JINJEON research 1 – inside a studio from JC Movement Production on Vimeo.


JENNIFER GOHIER – Artezia asbl

Residency at JoJo – Oulu Dance Center en Finlande | from September 2nd to September 12th
Research project : PROJET K | Open studio September 12th, 12:00 – 14:00

When did you start your residency and how is it going ? What is your relationship with the host institution and with the host country? What is your daily routine ?

The team is very welcoming, organized and caring, on the artistic level as well as on the human level. We took part in one of their “social coffee” event, in order to meet and share with locals dancers. We will also have a dinner with other artists participating in the festival that is taking place here in Oulu.

How is your research evolving since you got here? How does this experience abroad and the foreign culture influence your work? Have you met any difficulties or specificities ?

I arrived in Finland like a blank page, which is not my usual way to work. I was not expecting nothing I particular, I just went with the flow, guided by the proposals made by the dancers responding to my leads. Like when you arrive in a foreign country with no precise plan with the only idea to go with the flow and see what happens, depending on the people you meet.

I prepared this residency reading a lot and watching videos about karate and martial arts but I have no physical experience in this field. I didn’t want to be influenced too much by a choreographical approach that would “look like” karate.

I had some leads to explore and the dancers translated them into movement thanks to their skills in both dance and karate. We explore, we test, we share, we play with the material, we keep it – or not, we add something, we go deeper, we drop an idea, and we start again the next morning…

Doing a residency in Finland has allowed us to meet with Finnish dramaturg Ville Kurki who practices Aikido at a high level and who speaks French ! The man of the situation ! A beautiful and fruitful encounter, totally unexpected. We hope he can continue working with us on the next steps of the project.

Finally, Finland is a country I really like for its calm atmosphere, the way things are organized, and the fact that nature is so important. There is no stress, no traffic, a perfect environment to focus, relax between two rehearsals and keep an open mind.

How does a residency experience abroad help you developing your work ?

Working abroad, far from my daily routine and domestic comfort, helps to entirely focus on the project and the research. Another country, another rhythm, another language, other paths to take to go to work… Our comfort zone is shaken, and we have to adapt. That is exactly the same process of a choreographical research.

Through encounters with local artists and with the festival’s team, we gained new perspectives and feedbacks on our work.

Could you tell us more about the origin of your project and your artistic approach ? What are the next steps ?

Originally, it was a choreografical encounter between two friends practicing kung-fu and karate.

Then, one of the dancers was no longer available, and a female dancer practicing karate as a hobby joined the project. Now she is pregnant, so a new dancer will join for the next steps. I had to think again about this work, that started as a research between friends, and develop it as a real research project through different periods of residency.

How can karate and more generally martial arts influence dancers and the creation of a piece? This is now our direction for the next residencies in Homécourt, Esch/Alzette and Luxembourg.

One of the next key steps for this project is a residency period in a high school. It will go beyond simple workshops with students, it will be about creating an artistic and educational project for the whole school around choreographical creation and research processes. How will this new environment influence us ? It will be our next research step.

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