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THE HIDDEN GARDEN by Jill Crovisier goes to OFF Festival in Avignon in 2020 !

Choreographer Jill Crovisier was selected to take part in OFF Festival in Avignon in 2020 with the financial support of Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg. She will perform her contemporary dance solo The Hidden Garden, poduced by JC Movement Production. 

The Hidden Garden proposes an original and at the same time fascinating exploration of the conflict between our most hidden aspirations and today’s society expectations.

The jury was impressed with the quality of Jill Crovisier’s artistic approach. « She succeeds in playing with various means of expression without losing coherence. Her body language creativity, nourished by all the different countries she worked in, is incredibly powerful. Set design, music and lights, all this is wonderfully put together to create, with an economy of means and in 40 minutes, a strong emotional impact. » 

The jury, composed of Karin Kremer, Françoise Pirovalli, Marie-Laure Rolland and Andreas Wagner, gathered on June 6th 2019 and took their decision unanimously. Seven productions were in competition this year.

More info about OFF Festival in Avignon HERE

« The selection of the dance piece The Hidden Garden to take part in OFF Festival Avignon 2020 is wonderful news to me.  I am very grateful to be able to show this piece, which means so much to me, in Avignon in France, and I think it is a unique opportunity on a personal level as well as for the whole contemporary dance field in Luxembourg.  The piece has all the potential to meet success in the frame of this very particular festival. I wish to thank the Federation of Professional Theatres in Luxembourg and the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg for their support, the jury and their unanimous decision, as well as TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois for helping me bring The Hidden Garden to Avignon in 2020. »

– Jill Crovisier

See you at OFF Festival in Avignon in 2020 !


Choreography by Jill Crovisier
(Production: JC movement production a.s.b.l.)

Watch teaser The Hidden Garden HERE

Growing up we loose the ability to live in connection with our mind. We become increasingly preoccupied by what is useful. The desire for power, control and perfection. Man becomes comparable to a supernatural creature. Obsessed, this creature sucks the life out of those who dare to confront it. Dreams, simple pleasures and poetry are suffocated. The hidden garden is a mysterious place where the real and the fantastic are intertwined. A choreography inspired by the gothic novel, fantastic literature, and the modern customs today’s society.‎ 

Choreographer, dancer, dramaturg and costumes : Jill Crovisier
Artistic advisor : Koen Augustijnen
Light design : Grand Théâtre / Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
Music : Emre Sevindik – Sweetheart Come OST ; Lord of the Underground – Chief Rocka ; Amàlia Rodrigues – Gaivota ; Jill Crovisier ; Gesalffelstein – Aufstand
With the financial support of “TalentLAB” program by Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg

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