Update of participation conditions of professional trainings:

Due to the requirements for the health situation, TROIS C-L is obliged to ensure that professional classes can take place in the best terms. Thus, and as long as the situation requires, only independent artists, artists with legal artist status and artists whose main income comes from choreographic art will be able to enroll in the morning classes held at the Banannefabrik. The sole objective of this arrangement is to comply with government measures and does not relate to any judgement on your artistic qualities.

Important: Please return us this signed form so we can accept your registration at the following e-mail: danse(at)

This measure will only apply as long as the situation requires and we hope to see many of you again as soon athe sanitary restrictions are lifted.


TROIS C-L allows dancers to enjoy daily fitness and to gain a varied experience by working each week with a different choreographer.

Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Level: professionals, pre-professionals, Conservatory seniors


It is now mandatory to book your spot and to register for free, every week, for the professional courses. As the number of places is limited, we will apply the “first come, first served” principle. Don’t wait any longer and book your spot mentioning the day(s) you wish to attend by writing an e-mail to danse(at)

Please note: we are able to refuse your request in case of abuse (i.e. if you book a spot, taking another person’s one and not showing up for the course several times without justification).



4th to 8th January: Piera Jovic (contemporary)
11th to 15th January: Simone Mousset (ballet)
18th to 22nd January: Sarah Cerneaux (contemporary)
25th to 29th January: Ezio Schiavulli (contemporary)


1st to 5th February: open studio !!! there is no open studio on 2nd and 3rd February !!!
8th to 12th February: Fabio Cavaleri (contemporary)
15th to 19th February: Gino Abet (classique)
22nd to 26th February: Emanuela Iacopini (contemporary)


1st to 5th March: open studio
8th to 12th March: Véronique Scheer (yoga)

Cover picture © Bohumil Kostohryz