Founded at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture in 1994, from the outset the TDM association (« Théâtre dansé et muet ») was intended to promote choreography in Luxembourg. Bringing together the various players from the dance world, the TDM’s objectives were both artistic and educational.

After operating for more than a decade, the « Théâtre dansé et muet » was transformed into the TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique LuxembourgeoisThis change was in line with the expansion and the increasingly professional nature of the contemporary dance sector in Luxembourg. Unlike in other European countries, Luxembourg’s artistic scene does not include dance companies covered by any annual agreements with the Ministry of Culture. This important difference has in no way prevented it from being a source of rich artistic diversity, both in terms of the creative people comprising it and the projects pursued.

Continuing the work of its predecessor, TROIS C-L has devoted itself to programming and producing artistic work both on a national and international level while at the same time handling the promotion of Luxembourgish choreographic creativity in the Greater Region and beyond.