Artistic director : Bernard BAUMGARTEN
Head of administration : Mathis JUNET
Communication manager: Michèle Gentil
International projects | « Dance from Luxembourg » programme : Coraline GARNERO
Communcation and project management intern : Léa LE GUILLOU

Executive Committee
M. Robert Bohnert, Mme Christiane Eiffes, M. Emmanuel Servais, Mme Florence Ahlborn, Mme Elvira Mittheis, M. Denis d’Ersu, M. Carl Adalsteinsson

Supervisory Board
M. Robert Bohnert, president | Mme. Christiane Eiffes, vice-president | M. Emmanuel Servais, treasurer| M. Denis d’Ersu, secretary | Mme Florence Ahlborn, member | Mme Elvira Mittheis, member | M. Carl Adalsteinsson, member | M. Carlo Hourscht, consulting member | Mme Lydia Bintener, member | Mme Marie-Laure Neiseler, member | Mme Eliane Biltgen, member | Mme Anu Sistonen, member | Mme Ann Swalus, member

Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg (represented by Mrs Emanuela Iacopini) | Conservatoire du Nord (represented by Mrs Patricia Iérace) | Danse Elancé (represented by Mrs Marie-Laure Neiseler)

Formal Statutes
The TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique has been co-funded by the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture since its inception. It also has its seat at the Ministry of Culture.