3 du TROIS

3 du TROIS

Since October 3rd, 2011, TROIS C-L invites the public to discover, exchange feelings, open up, grow, learn, laugh, free their imagination by rubbing shoulders with creators and letting themselves be surprised by the artistic programming resolutely multidisciplinary and open to all forms of art: dance, visual arts, visual arts, video, music, digital arts, installations etc… All centred around contemporary dance, the proposals are then declined in the form of performances, shows, conferences, exhibitions or projections. For the public, it is a unique opportunity to discover the choreographic universe under different horizons and to exchange with the invited artists.

« 3 du TROIS » is an out-of-frame cultural event, opting for an atypical format that encourages curiosity and deliberately aspires to get off the beaten track. Similar to a research laboratory, « 3 du TROIS » welcomes artists (dancers, choreographers, visual artists, video artists or others) presenting projects related to movement, whether they are dance projects or not. On the other hand, they all pursue singular artistic approaches, through which they try to question or rethink society and choreographic art. By drawing their inspiration from the texture of the body, mind, time and image, they blur the boundaries between the arts.

Since the end of 2015, « 3 du TROIS » has been responding to an artistic theme, in order to accompany the public in its reading of the works shown.

It’s up to you to judge! « 3 du TROIS » does not charge admission, it is up to each spectator to determine his price at the exit according to his appreciation of the evening.
Only special editions are charged. In this case, an online ticket office will be set up on the page dedicated to the event.

Since October 3rd, 2011
3rd of each month (excluding August) > 7pm


- 03.01 + 04.01.2020


- 03.02.2020

MARCH 2020

- 03.03.2020

MAI 2020

- 03.05.2020

JUIN 2020

- 03.06.2020


- 03.07.2020