●●● For this third edition of the 3 DU TROIS ONLINE, TROIS C-L joins the Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg and the Théâtre du Centaure to present an exceptional evening around the TalentLAB. On Wednesday 3 June 2020, (re)discover some of the representations that marked the 2017 and 2019 editions → SWAN by Hannah Ma, 3,14π by Andrea Rama and PARASITE by Frieda Gerson.


Each artist will present his or her project in a few words with a short video, while sharing with you a few moments of his or her daily life in lockdown.

In order to fully feel the usual atmosphere of the 3 DU TROIS, we offer you an exclusive recipe, Bernard’s Rezept : Mangoen Inselen.
Cook it at home for the occasion and don’t forget to send us pictures!

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We would like to thank the artists for their great generosity. Discover without further delay the program below and rendez-vous on May 3, 2020 at 7pm on our Facebook page and on our website!




Wednesday 3rd June 2020 at 7pm

Hannah Ma, SWAN — Online video
Andrea Rama, 3,14π — Online video
▸ Frieda Gerson, PARASITE — Online video
Miikka Heinonen, SEIRENS — Exhibition


SWAN Hannah Ma


« There is no one who does not feel that he is imprisoned in some way. If this is the result of his free will he must regard his will as not free, or the circular reasoning in this position would be quite apparent. Free will must lead to freedom. »
A course in miracles – Helen Schucman

In SWAN we meet S. a (young) man who lost his mind and his soul. Overwhelmed by social pressure and expectations, he cannot find his true and holistic self anymore. He is trapped in his own world where realities are shifting and is not able to bring his fragmented self back to an unity. We follow S. on the search of his soul. SWAN is inspired by the ballet Swanlake and the Japanese social phenomenon « Hikikomori » – where (mostly young) men are locking themselves in their rooms (often for years) and are rejecting any social interaction.

Conception and choreography: Hannah Mah | Creation: Hannah Ma, Kesuke Mihara, Sebastian Purfürst | Performed by: Kesuke Mihara | Mentor: José Montalvo | Music: P.I. Tchaikovsky | Costumes: Ele Bleffert | Musical adaptation: Sebastian Purfürst (Lem-Studios) | Video: Sebastian Purfürst (Lem-Studios) | Text: Kesuke Mihara, Hannah Ma | Dramaturgy: Hannah Ma




3,14π — Andrea Rama



Revealing simplicity, a multi-layered circularity is the source of infinite potential.

3,14π proposes a developed idea of the everyday movement through a circular journey. The everyday movement which would relay familiar to each of us and result in a direct visual impact. An impact through the contrasts in sound, time, space and colours. A journey which becomes intense in black and white space and the absoluteness of the rhythm we feel and hear. The concept of the circular time is fundamental to the eastern civilisations and it abides by the notion that every movement is circular. 

Concept/Choreography: Andrea Rama | Performed by: Maria Bregianni, Andrea Rama | Rhythm advice: Simon Beyer Pedersen | Sports scientists: Patrick Rump | Mentor: José Montalvo | Dancers on tour and on research residency: Maria Bregianni, Xenia Koghilaki, Rhiannon Morgan, Ioannis Karounis




PARASITE Frieda Gerson


PARASITE, currently in the creation process, is built around the strange subject of parasites and their effects on our organism. The project mixes in an original movement circus, theatre, dance and biology, and proposes to discover on stage the infection and madness under different aspects. It questions them, amuses itself with them, and is based sometimes on scientific writings, sometimes on our personal experiences.

Mind control is no longer science fiction. The ability of parasites to manipulate their host’s cognition and behaviour raises thorny questions about the existence of free will. Parasitic infection is the jumping-off point for PARASITE. We examine ideas of choice, destiny, desire, and the traits that each associate with our “self.” We explore through the body what happens in the mind, translating our findings through a lens of theatre, circus, and dance.

Conception and scenography: Frieda Gerson | Text: Frieda Gerson, Baptiste Gaubert | Mentor: Chris Thorpe | Artists: Alba Faivre, Armanah Armuludun, Baptiste Gaubert | Music: Emre Sevindik | Larvae construction: Carla Chassang

Video: Bohumil Kostohyrz




SEIRENS Miikka Heinonen


Miikka Heinonen is born in 1969 à Turku, in Finland. He works and lives in Luxembourg since 1996.

He has earned numerous dinstinctions such as Prix Grand-Duc Adolphe in 2017 and in 2007, as well as the Finnish Dance Photo Of The Year in 2014. You can find his works in public collections such as the ones from Musée Naturel d’Histoire et de l’Art du Luxembourg, Bistum Musem à Trèves (DE) or Musée d’histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.

SEIRENS is a series of pictures originally shot as part of promotional shoot for Anu Sistonen’s production Tone Hazard in June 2013.




Date: 03.06.2020
Time: starting at 7pm
Place: on our Facebook page (HERE) and on our website (HERE) where we will share exclusively the artists’ interviews.
Facebook Event: HERE

Download Bernard’s Rezept by clicking HERE.

IMPORTANT: The videos will be at your disposal for free, for a private viewing only and this is ONLY for the following time: from 03.05.2020 strating at 19:00 until the next day, 04.05.2020 at 19:00.

A project of:  TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois
With the financial support of: Ministère de la Culture, Ville de Luxembourg


Photo : SWAN © Bohumil Kostohryz