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Nicole Olenskaia
From 04.11 to 09.12.2020




| DESCRIPTIF | The series of 6 classes with 6 different dance-connected themes will be a challenge one might want to take to get into the deeper connection with their body and mind. To understand the paths and ways of one’s own unique body structure and work and develop one of the most healthy and important relationship in life – the love for oneself that is so important for those whose body is their tool of self-expression.

Discover below the themes that would be followed for each course:

1. Leaving your comfort zone and finding new comfort zones /// Approaching things in a different manner can be scary, but overcoming your own limitations will open doors to more challenges that you can achieve. This class will inspire to seek new ways of movement, of the control and connection between the body and mind. It aims to help to understand the steps one might need to take to reach one’s ideas and goals in expressing what hides deep inside.

2. Link movement with breath /// This can be a challenge, especially when we are faced with postures and moments that force us to lose the concentration of our breath. This class will be focused on developing the ability to link movement and breath which is an important tool to keep the body safe and calm and give oneself space to reflect.

3. Outer body experience /// Sometimes seeing oneself in the mirror is not enough. In this class the goal will be to imagine you are out of your body and can see the body from every angle. Notice the back, front, sides, top and bottom, analyse and reflect on the movement from a new angle will help receive one’s own body in new way and inspire the ways of movement that may have never been practiced before.

4. You are your own teacher /// This class can be perceived as a workshop of creating one’s own practice that is developed uniquely for the needs of one’s body. The students will be to add or subtract what they need to in their practice, allowing them to practice being their own teachers. This would be a unique experience that would help gain courage, control and liberation of seeking the self, rather than following the choreography and cues of the teacher.

5. Breath is music /// Hearing oneself move is a tribute to being alive. This class will be focused on the inner connection, without the distractions of the music and most of the verbal queues, paying attention the the embodiment of thoughts and silence.

6. Get deeper in the pose /// What doesn’t challenge you won’t change you. Going deeper may also promote opportunities to advance your practice! This class will be exploring advanced yoga postures to remind every student that there is always room for exploration and development. Practice is practice because perfection does not exist, in every practice that is connected to the movement there is space, this class will be focusing on this space with the intention of moving forward.


| BIOGRAPHY | Nicole Olenskaia, is a 200h Hatha Yoga and Meditation guide. Taking her roots from dancing and gymnastics, Nicole explores the practice of yoga by intuitive sequencing with the purpose of giving freedom, inspiration and methods of understanding our mind-body connection. The main goal of her creative practice is to gain knowledge about the art and practice of yoga and meditation and to be able to witness the echoes of the practice not only on the mat, but further beyond.

Level: all levels (from 15 years old)
Dates (Wednesdays): 04.11 | 11.11 | 18.11 | 25.11 | 02.12 | 09.12.2020
Time: 7pm – 8pm
Information: stages(at) | (+ 352) 40 45 69
Price for a single lesson: 25€ / 20€*
(*) Reduced rate for professional artists, jobseekers and students on presentation of supporting document(s).


Important! Due to sanitary measures, we have to reduce the participant’s gauge. We therefore invite you to register for the course(s) you would like to attend at the bottom of this newsletter. If one of the dates is no longer available for sale, it is possible to register on the waiting list by writing to stages(at)

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