Master Class « Vertigo Dance Company Repertoire » – Ruth Valensi

Ruth Valensi stage danseThe Master Class will be divided to two parts :
It will start with a Feldenkrais and contemporary class to warm up and raise the awareness of body.
Second part will be learning repertoire of Vertigo focusing on material from White Noise a piece that deals with the clash between an inner sense of quiet, the body’s complete surrender to gravity’s pull and the noise surrounding us-the buzz that lurks inside us all.

Morning class:

This contemporary class unpacks our utilization of the body’s most human patterns, such as crawling, rolling, running, and falling through space. We research these patterns with the goal of promoting the most anatomically efficient pathways for ease of movement, thus extending the reach of our bodies. The class is inspired by the principles of the Feldenkrais method and the Axis syllabus approach.

Vertigo Dance Company Repertoire:

The Vertigo Dance Company (IL) established by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al has developed a distinct artistic language promoting social and community awareness through contemporary dance. The Vertigo Dance Company repertoire permeates with the holistic and spiritual approach creating a collage of intricate singular dance sagas inviting viewers and co-creators on an exciting and challenging enchanted journey.

Ruth Valensi:

Ruth Valensi is an Israeli performer, dancer, teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner based in London. Graduated in 2005 the dance academy in Jerusalem and already during her study started working as a dancer and worked with various Israeli Companies, Independent Choreographers, and the Israeli Opera house. In 2008, she joined Vertigo Dance Company and worked there as a dancer and teacher, touring and teaching nationally and internationaly. During that time, in 2009, she founded with Galiya Tzur the Axis Syllabus Israeli hub, inviting teachers from all over the world to intensive workshops in Tel-Aviv including Frey Faust, Kira Kirsch, Leila McMillan and more. In 2012, she became the rehearsal director and producer of the Vertigo international dance program. In 2013, she started her independent work and collaborated with various choreographers as Asher Lev, Ariel Cohen, Osnat Kelner, Gil kerer, Robert Clark and more. Ruth Valensi is practicing Feldenkrais since 2008 and in 2014 started her training in Israel with Dr.Eilat Almagor and Anat Krivin.

Vertigo Dance Company:

Vertigo Dance Company marks 26 years of unique and inspiring creativity incorporating Art, Human and Nature. The company was founded in 1992, by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha’al and has established a distinct presence and excellent reputation in the contemporary dance scene in Israel as well as being worldwide ambassadors for Israeli art at its best. The dance company is constantly seeking to reach out and bring people together through the creative expression of movement, maintaining dance as a way of life further expanding the boundaries of dance to raise social and environmental awareness and make a difference through Noa’s unique artistic expression to the social environmentally friendly vision and mission.

Time: 04.-08.02.2019 | 10:00 – 14:00 (including break times)
Level: Professionals, pre-professionals and Conservatory seniors
Language: English
Price : Free entrance after application

Artists interested in taking part in the workshop are kindly asked to apply by sending their resume to before the 18th of Januar 2019.

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