| DESCRIPTION | Hyper-dynamic movement defined by musicality and rhythm allows the body to experience the challenges and sensations of various qualities. Grounded in floor-work and highly physical phrase work this technique places emphasis on momentum and attack of the movement. Using physicality to access theatricality will call upon the performer to fill in the experience beyond just movement and open up the mind and body to their fullest potential.

| BIOGRAPHY | LAJAMARTIN physical dance theatre is a vessel for live performance,  co-founded in 2017 by Martin Durov from Slovakia and Laja Field from Salt Lake City, UT. The duo has presented work for GDC Curated, WestFest, DANCE NOW NYC Joe’s Pub, Austin Dance Festival, SouthSide Arts and Music Festival in PA as well as internationally for the Šibenik Dance Festival, GIF 4 in Brussels, Circulate at Newcastle College and most recently at the Prisma Festival in Panama. Through the years LAJAMARTIN has been commissioned to create work for Kizuna Dance NYC, BRINE SLC, LINK by SALT contemporary dance, the J.L Bella Conservatory in Banska Bystrica, Brigham Young University’s CDT and the Anton Bruckner University in Linz, a piece invited to tour at SDF in Croatia 2019. LAJAMARTIN have had the pleasure of teaching at Gibney Dance Center, NYU Tisch, CalArts, the University of Utah, BYU, CSULB, UCLA, DeSales University, Muhlenberg College, Early Mosley’s Institute of the Arts, Newcastle College & Dance City, England, Contemporary Prostor Pro Tanec, Prague, the private Conservatory in Liptovsky Hradok, Slovakia, Bad Lemons in Munich, Prisma Festival in Panama, Johannes Wieland’s company in Staatstheater Kassel and the b12 festival in Berlin.

Dates : 24.02 – 28.02.2020
Schedule : 10am. – 2pm.
Level : Professionals, pre-professionals, Conservatory seniors
Place : TROIS C-L
Banannefabrik 12, rue du Puits | L-2355 Luxembourg
Language : English

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Photo © CPRowe Photography