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| DESCRIPTION | Payatt INtransit is a practice that uses physical training to delve deeper into all aspects of ourselves. The practice helps us identify our coded behavioral patterns, decide whether or not they are serving us, and train the ability to choose what patterns we want to follow. During Payatt INtransit classes, we test ourselves by passing through difficult situations and personal challenges that help us move towards a state of lightness and freedom in all we do. The word Payatt comes from the ancient Indian martial art Kalari Payatt, a technique that originally prepares the body to be ready for any activity. INtransit implies that we are always “on our way” or “in transit” towards our individual goals as a performers, artists, and people of any profession or passion.  
Payatt INtransit sources wisdom from many specific lineages. Maithari (the first stage of Kalari Payatt), Chadavu and Yoga Asanas create a solid physical foundation for the class. The class also uses energy work, through breath and repetitive movement exercises for it helps channel our Prana (word for breath, « life force », or « vital principle ») to increase our physical, emotional, social and cerebral capacities. And last but certainly not least, contemporary dance methods such as release techniques and improvisation tools are used to find ease and freedom in our movement, and playfulness in our creative tasks. All these lineages interweave to create a structure that allows you, the participant, to dive deep into your personal work during a Payatt INtransit class.

| BIOGRAPHY | Rakesh Sukesh is a performing movement artist based in Belgium, He was born in India. Since a child, Rakesh has been interested in athletics and dance, he started persuing Bollywood dance at age of 15. He worked in several films and events as performer and assistant choreographer. After which he developped a curiosity towards contemporary movement practices. He joined attakkalari movement arts and start training in contemporary dance forms along with Kalarippayattu. From 2009, Rakesh has been developing a movement technique form called Payatt INtransit (Movement in transit).

 If you want to discover a preview of Rakesh Sukesh’s work, click HERE

Dates : 06.04 – 10.04.2020
Schedule : !!! 10am. – 3pm. !!!
Level : Professionals, pre-professionals, Conservatory seniors
Place : TROIS C-L
Banannefabrik 12, rue du Puits | L-2355 Luxembourg
Language : English

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